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Become an Intuitive Consultant and assist other in their journey towards discovering clarity, direction and empowerment through divine guidance.

In this two day training you will be able to gain the following benefits:

      • How to successfully access the akashic records of others
      • Receive and be attuned in the “Key of Freedom” – a unique code given to me which enables you to access your personal and universal libraries of wisdom. I am giving this out for the first time.
      • Learn an energetic exercise to help you bring back all your soul’s pieces for the experience of completion.
      • Gain a better understanding of the “Other Side”.
      • Receive the technique of “Releasing the Seal of Deprivation” – given out for the first time.
      • Guidance on dealing with the “Seed fear”. * Increase your receptivity.
      • Increase your ability to translate the messages given from the other side.
      • Time for practicing accessing the records of others with my guidance / supervision.

You will also receive guidance towards building a successful business as an Intuitive Guidance Consultant.

      • Have to have a better understanding of effective questioning.
      • How to run a session.
      • Understand the difference of email, IM, and live readings.
      • Receive clarity on the ethics involved in conducting an akashic records session.
      • Learn the basics of counseling, mentoring and coaching.
      • How to attract the right people; how to gain confidence; how to price your sessions.




Matrix Regeneration Technique

Practitioner Level

Re-write Your History

Heal Past Life & Present Life negative traumatic imprints

Re-wire & Regenerate your Personal Matrix / Energy Field

In this 2 -day seminar you will have the opportunity to specialise and extensively practice in finding the root cause of an issue you are asked to work upon, either it comes from past births, family karma or present life events and find aspects which block the present birth.

Then you will learn a new and potent Energy Healing Technique: The Matrix Regeneration Technique . This modality which uses coaching / counselling elements and energy healing techniques can be used for the self or for others and can be given in person or distantly.

During this session we:

  • Find out what the issue is and where it originates.

  • Identify other blockages.

  • Clear the energetic imprints of the issue and perhaps other underlying issues from all the 4 bodies (physical, emotional, mental, etheric), from the meridians and the chakras.

  • Establish new positive energetic imprints that you choose.

  • Clear and re-write your matrix and akashic records.

For this work, higher energies, verbal guidance as well as unique sacred codes are being used.

The MATRIX REGENERATION TECHNIQUE has been created as means to allow a person live a life free from limitations that restrict him / her from living a happy life. It can also be used as a tool for his / her spiritual and personal growth.

You will find this technique beneficial especially if you are dealing with:

  • Ancestral / family karma that does serve your highest and greatest good.

  • Issues from past births that block your progress.

  • Physical discomfort which can not be justified medically.

  • Suffer from various fears and phobias.

  • Are being ruled by limiting beliefs.

  • Are being overpowered by the “I’m not good enough” syndrome or by poor self image.

  • Experience lack of self confidence / self esteem.

  • Are controlled by negative / unhealthy behaviours.

  • Experience on – going financial, career or relationship blockages.

In this 2- day seminar you will learn the following:

  1. Dive deeper into the experience and practice of clarifying the exact imprint that needs to be deactivated.

  2. What is the Divine Matrix and how to use it.

  3. How to ask the right questions to get the answers you need as the healer.

  4. How to energetic prepare yourself as a healer before the session.

  5. You will be guided to experience one of your past births.

  6. You will gain greater understanding about Sacred Geometry and how it works.

  7. Which Higher Level Divine Rays are used for this technique and why.

  8. A guided meditation to communicate and heal your matrix & cells.

  9. Talk to your Akash to change it guided meditation

  10. The Unique Sacred Codes we use in this techniques.

  11. Initiation and attunement to the Sacred Codes.

  12. The exact process of the Matrix Regeneration Technique and how to run a session.

  13. Practice of this technique.

In addition to the above, by participating in this seminar you will also receive:

  1. A manual with the step-by-step process of the Matrix Regeneration Technique .

  2. A pack of your very own set of cards with the 12 sacred codes we use in this technique.

  3. A certificate of completion and the qualification as a practitioner of the Matrix Regeneration Technique (with the presentation of 2 case studies).



Learn how to become co-creators in realising your dreams


In this practical and hands on workshop you will receive information and gain experiences which you can easily re-create and apply to your daily life, to achieve greater health, greater wealth and greater happiness; a life of abundance in all things. These are tools that will help you become a master creator, master of manifestation, master of abundance.

Konstadina has been on a quest for many years to discover what’s stopping people from finding everlasting abundance and / or attracting it in their life.  She has discovered many methods from the world of personal and spiritual growth and brought them together to generate the Formula of Abundance!

In this seminar you will learn:

  • The 5 the individual components of manifestation and how to use them.

  • The role of the subconscious mind in the process of co-creation.

  • The reasons we are not experiencing the manifestation of our dreams – the obstacles – and what's blocking our way.

  • An easy and potential technique that can eliminate these obstacles so we can achievement our goals and a life of our dreams.

  • What is the Law of Attraction and how you can master it.

  • Practices you can adopt to increase your attraction power.

  • The “8 steps to increase abundance in 30 days” system.

  • Practical tools and exercises that can be used daily so our desires, our dreams and goals can be realized more easily and more quickly.


After this tutorial you will know the exact procedure you need to activate the Law of Attraction to make your wishes and practical methods of enhancing this process.

You will have the chance to practice and experience all the tools you will be given in a form of healing sessions, energetic exercises and games, during this workshop.

You will also receive the following gifts from Konstadina:

  • A manual with main points of the workshop including the “8 steps to increase abundance in 30 days” system.

  • A small poster of the Angel of Prosperity as perceived and painted by Konstadina.

  • An abundance attractor crystal.

Don’t miss out on this experience.  It can change your life forever.

We trust that you will leave this workshop feeling a different / renewed person, with your spiritual treasure box full!

Optimum Health & Performance With Energy Medicine


In this practical workshop, you will learn easy to follow techniques to achieve and maintain physical, mental, emotional & spiritual well-being, as well as peak performance in any area of life that you choose through the use of Energy Medicine.

In addition you will practice these techniques so you can also help others. In this practical workshop, you will learn easy to follow techniques to achieve and maintain physical, mental, emotional & spiritual well-being, as well as peak performance in any area of life that you choose through the use of Energy Medicine.

In addition you will practice these techniques so you can also help others.

In particular you will learn:

•    The daily 5 – minute energy routine.
•    Clear, balance and re-programme your chakras.
•    Clear & strengthen your aura.
•    Clear & re-programme your Field of Habit.
•    Energy exercises to unscramble your energies and release fear, anger, stress, sorrow and pain.
•    Find energy blocks in the Field with your eyes.

By learning to keep your energy systems in order and functioning with optimum capacity with these powerful techniques, you are allowing greater health, balance and joy in your life.

Don’t miss out this opportunity to explore and experience your healing energies.

The participants will also receive a complimentary DVD with most of the energy exercises so they can practice at home.


You have a great product; You know the market has great interest for it; but still you can't seem to be able to reach your sales targets or increase your sales? What is then blocking your progress?

Either you are a small business owner trying to sell your own product or service, or you are salesman, sales manager of a company and you don't seem to be able to reach the targets you were given, or your sales force of your company doesn't seem to be able to reach their goals or they could do with better results, this is a must attend workshop for you, or your employees.

In this cutting edge workshop you will be experimenting with practical tools created from a combination of Energy Psychology, Coaching, NLP and business acumen, that you can also use in your day-to-day life (work or business)  to become more successful in whatever you do and reach your highest potential.

After attending this enriching workshop, you will not be the same person again and you will leave with greater possibilities of increasing not only your sales but, achieving greater things than ever before as well.

In this hands on / practical series of short workshops you will learn strategies and techniques to eliminate unwanted emotional overload that stops you from being a productive and effective entrepreneur. We will be focusing on the following Coping Skills:

o Coping with Stress / Anxiety
o Coping with Anger / Frustration
o Coping with Fear / Panic
o Coping with Sadness / Overwhelm
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