Why choose self employment?

We have been brought up in a society that teaches us to go and have a good education so that we can then get a good job.

Employment is the normal thing to do when starting a career and rarely does a youngster consider going into business straight after college.

So we usually get qualified into something and then we seek relevant employment. After awhile, however, we realise the unpleasant aspects of the whole thing.

Long hours working for someone else;

Long commuting hours;

A bossy boss;

Power games amongst employees;

Low pay;

Doing things that don’t fulfil our soul;

Experiencing stress, frustration and dead-end experiences, to mention few of the things that usually bring our psychology down.

These are the reasons people want out of the corporate rut.

So some of us may start thinking about self-employment.  Especially those who have families / children.

We want to be our own boss;

We want flexible hours;

We want to spend more time with our family;

We want to work doing what we love;

We want to work from home or somewhere near our home;

We want to work on our own terms;

We want to have freedom and independence.

But it can be more than that.  Many people feel that there is something more they can give to the world.  They have a message, a mission that cannot be expressed through the corporate.  They have a burning desire, special skills, a plethora of creativity that bursting to come out.

All the things I mentioned so far are there as motivators for someone to become an entrepreneur.  At the end of the day, however, becoming an entrepreneur means that you are establishing a business.  And running a business can only make sense if it is a successful business.

What determines the success of a business, however, is predominantly the fact of it generating good money for you.  As having a business is really a substitute to having a job, there has to be the understanding that we need to make a living out of it.  Otherwise it’s not a business, it is a hobby or charitable work.

If our business doesn’t make us money then all the things that made us want to be self-employed on the first place will soon seize to exist.

So if you are an entrepreneur, ask yourself: Is my business making me the money I want?  If not, why not?  And if not, what do I need to do to change things round?

When you have answered these questions with honesty, make sure then that you motivate yourself enough to take appropriate and meaningful action to change things.

To do that successfully you need clarity of direction and a plan.


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Konstadina Sadoriniou is an internationally renown coach, mentor, trainer, speaker and author in the field of personal and professional development with an experience spanning more than 2 decades. She is the founder of the Positive Change Academy which aims to assist conscious entrepreneurs transform their business in a way that they can attract more clients, more success and more profits; learn ways to cope with the changes; reach their full potential and evolve by walking the path of continuous progress. To receive her empowering guide “104 ways to re-claim & hold your personal power” as well as her content rich e-zine, subscribe today at www.positivechangeacademy.com



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