Why and when you need to reboot – new beginning

You know about computers right? When that moment comes and your screen has totally frozen or stated acting funny… nothing seems to work… no button you press changes anything… all you have to do is to reboot. Is it maybe time to reboot your life too? Today I talk about why and when you need to reboot.

Dreadful isn’t it? The moment you realise that everything has got stuck; that you got stuck. Moments of dispair, confusion, anxiety or depression. You either freeze to nothingness or run out in a frenzy. Both definitely leads you to no-where, and the passiong of time only adds to the powerlessness and even guilt.

If it’s just a question of your computer, then hopefully you have saved all of you work and all you need to do is reboot.

Reboot basicaly means, a decision is taken to end whatever is in front of us and not working anymore and start again. For the computer you just need to press a button, but I wish that was as easy when it comes to ones own life.

Depending on the circumstances and what is that which you actually need to reboot, it will require different amounts of time and personal energy to achieve it.

Sometimes we have to reboot our whole life on all levels. You need to be gutsy for that. Starting all over in terms of your physical sourndings , your family circumstances, your work, your lifestyle and daily routine, needs so deep thinking, planning and strength of character as well as patience.

But sometimes it can be just for the way you run your day, or the way your run your business or the way you run your mind.

It also requires guts to admit: hold on this is actually not working for me anymore and I need to change it. Then just conclude what’s there and start fresh. New beginings… and they can be as exciting as they can be scary but sometimes very necessary if we wish to move on and achieve our goals.

Or maybe you have had a bad day and have been very upset and everything seemed to have gone wrong. Just go to sleep at night having ended in your heart and mind what already has ended in real time. Sleep it off and start fresh the next day.

IF we fail to reboot in such way we will end up depleted physically, mentally and emotionally and imobilized in front of a huge wall as being experinced in our own minds. This is not a good place to be. Definitely not for the long run.

So check. Does your life, your business or your day bring you unwanted results or stuck and nothing you do seems to be working to get you out of it? Then maybe it’s time to reboot. Start over. Finish with the old. Begin again bringing forth some positive changes.

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This is Dina Sadoriniou

Till next time stay motivated & empowered

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