What’s blocking your big dreams

I know you have dreams. You definitely have desires. Wanting things in this human experience is an innate characteristic. Desires are endless and are born continuously.  However, there are some things that we want a lot more than others.

So, check how bad do you want something. Choose something specific. Lets choose something that has to do with your business or career. If (1) is “very little” and (10) is “very much”, how much do you want this specific thing? If you have given it more than 7 then you are on a good track – a good starting point. Because if you don’t want it enough you will not really want to “go for it” and most likely it will not going to happen.

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So, now that we have established that you want it enough, lets see what’s you next big hurdle: FEAR.

Fear of taking the action necessary to make your dream a reality, to fulfill your desire. Fear usually cripples us. To start with, as a necessary defense mechanism this emotion is there to defend us, to protect us, to keep us safe. But sometimes, keeping us safe means keeping  us STUCK. It makes us repeat the same old story and so attracting the same old stuff.

The fear of putting ourselves forward in a promotional way, stop us from letting others know about our greatness and how using it in their life can hugely benefit them. Either you are having your own business or going after that highly paying job or well-worth promotion at your work place, being able to “sell” with confidence is a crucial factor.

But fear is not something that the logical, conscious mind can easily deal or conquer. We can be paralysed or freeze by the fear of being judged, criticised, rejected, ridiculed, humiliated or by the fear of failing, being hurt, experience pain, turmoil, stress or sadness.

So, to avoid the possibility of such negative experiences we stay “safe” in our comfort zones, where our dreams go either “to sleep” or feel far fetched.

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So such type of fear needs to be conquered, removed, eliminated, changed, transformed. Thank God, it’s not one of these things that we were born with and will stay with us forever in this life. These things – these kind of fears – can be gone for good, forever, and we are so lucky that great individuals were able to create such powerful techniques that can do just that.

If you really want to, take the bold step to finish this fear of letting your light shine and tell the world about your brilliance. There is nothing arrogant about that. Your brilliance is the reflection of God’s brilliance and I’m sure He would love to see it being shared with the world. This is the true meaning of “selling”.

I want to share a lot more with you on this topic so I hope you accept my invitation to join me in my upcoming free webinar Remove Blocks to Selling and Skyrocket Your Results.

Till next time
stay empowered & motivated


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