What do you want to be remembered for?

What do you want to be remembered for? Have you ever thought of this question?

It’s not only about being remembered about something after you have passed away.  It’s not just about leaving a legacy – although this can be part of it.
It’s also about being memorable, here and now, in your interactions with others, either it is about your day to day life or your personal work and business.

In today’s video I share with you why it is important to be remembered and it is a good thing to contemplate about it and find an answer for yourself.

I decided I want to add a bit of “funny” in my video. Hoping to bring a smile on your face. 😉
Click below to watch the video. it’s a short one.


I hope you have enjoyed this information.  Let me know what you think below. What do you want to be remembered for?  Let me know in the comments area below.

And if you know someone who might benefit from it, please do share it.

Till next time

Stay empowered



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