What are your stress triggers?

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A “stressor” is called anything or anyone that causes the negative experience of stress.  This vastly depends on the individual since something that can cause stress to me, might not be causing stress to you and vice versa.  You can understand then, that there are thousand of things that can be “stressors” for each one of us.

These triggers of stress can be found in work situations, home situations, cultural situations or environmental situations and can be experienced as the inability to cope with them either physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.  This is the reason stress is now considered responsible for 95% of illness.

Recognising this fact, can prompt us towards identifying our triggers and finding ways to deal with them effectively.  A simple observation of a day-to-day life can show us what make us react negatively or pushes in way that we feel we can not cope.  Once we can identify the problem we can then use one of the many available techniques to assist us towards managing stress effectively.
If you feel that your levels of stress are high, then you might like to consider talking to an experienced stress management consultant or attend classes or workshops that can help you gain deeper understanding of the subject and most importantly ways to cope, neutralise and release stress from your life.


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