Tips for your social media marketing


Lets face it! At this point of time if entrepreneurs do not have a strong online presence they are missing out on greater exposure of their business and on monetisation as well.

The following infographic clearly and consizely provides tips on what to include in your social media marketing so you can increase your online visibility.

You might not wish or have the time to be part of all the social media platforms but at least choose 3 of them.  Which ones widely depends on the type of your business but I would generally recommend Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

If your target market are other entrepreneurs then Linkedin is a good place to make yourself known.

Does social media scares you, overwhelms you or confuses you?

If the answer is yes, I have couple of tips for you to help you in this direction:

1. Either hire a social media manager that he / she can do it all for you or

2. Work with a practitioner of your chosen technique to help you rid off the inner blockages that stop you from comfortably putting yourself out there; or

3. Do both.

Here is the infographic with a social media checklist – tips for your social media marketing:



What do you do for your social media exposure?  Do you actively participate in any of them? Which one do you prefer?

Let us know in the comments area below and make sure you share this with your friends.


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