The right to be RICH – The Science of Getting Rich

Is it part of your desire to become rich?

If the answer is “yes” then what are the reasons that have provoked this desire and if you are not rich why do you think this is so, if this is something you desire?

If the answer is “no”, then why not? What are the reasons that make you not wanting to be rich.

There are so many variables in this equation but in this series I have started we discuss the principles of the famous book of Wallace D. Wattles “The Science of Getting Rich”.

As per his conviction this is not some hypothetical, “woo woo” staff that will magically bring wealth to us, there is precise SCIENCE behind it, which when followed will bring the desired results of becoming a RICH PERSON.

In this first episode we discuss the information provided in the first chapter of the book: Your Right to Be Rich.



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