The 7 pillars of a successful business

The seven pillars of a business



When we decide to come into business or become entrepreneurs all we care about is practice our expertise and earn our living through it.

So if you are a coach for example, what you deeply care about is to coach people towards their goals; if you are a therapist you deeply care about is to facilitate healing in others; if you are a trainer you deeply care about sharing your know-how with others to help them in their path, and so on.

However many of us when we start in the world of business do not know or subconsciously pretend that we don’t know that running a business requires a lot more than the practice of one’s expertise, passion, skills or talents.  It involves a lot more.

Unfortunately very few people are born as natural entrepreneurs and even they have to go through some processes to learn how to run a business.

Entrepreneurs usually dislike the other aspects required in a business and usually lack knowledge and expertise about them.  However, they are absolutely necessary if they want their business to run smoothly and with greater success.

So here are the seven very important pillars of a business:

  • Finances / accounts / legal
  • Administration
  • Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Customer service
  • Marketing / sales
  • Mindset

You will not find mindset often – if at all – in most of business books, however, without the last two pillars your small business venture can simply not survive, so it must definitely be tackled first thing.

There is a big decision that an entrepreneur – especially a solopreneur – needs to make here. Either be sufficiently trained in all these aspects and run all departments by herself or be able to delegate the work to those who do hold the expertise in these areas.

Let your accounts be run by an accountant, a secretary to run your admin stuff and perhaps customer service and operations, someone else to take care of your marketing and sales.  However, at least in the beginning money usually falls short for a solo-preneur so there are some compromises to be made here.

One thing though, that a business owner just can not delegate what-so-ever, is handling her mindset.  This can not be delegated. It’s something that needs to be dealt with heads on.

Without a positive, success driven mindset, it’s difficult if not impossible to succeed in business.  So if you feel that this area of your business is significantly suffering then you might consider finding an expert to help you with that.

If this interests you then you might like to check out our unique coaching programme “EVOLVE YOUR SUCCESS FORMULA” which greatly deals in helping you develop a confident mindset.

In any case, make sure you are on top of all the 7 pillars of your business and as your two main priorities I would put having an effective marketing and a success mindset.


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