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"I would like to thank you very much Konstadina for your great session. I was working on my 'selling issue'. What do I mean with that: Each time I had to sell in my business or I had to plan the selling process, I did not feel good or comfortable about it.

Before having a session with you, I received your e-book “51 beliefs on selling that stop you from attracting clients” and I identified from it quite a few of them as my own beliefs. So during our session you helped me work on those limiting beliefs.

What surprised me the most is that you go really deep into these beliefs and sometimes the issues that stopped me the most were not really that obvious and not directly connected to selling itself.

So, your session was really fantastic! You go really deep with your process and what's most important is that it gave me great results.

Here is what I mean: before the session I would say that my resistance to selling was with an intensity of eight (8); and after the session I can say that it is zero (0)!! So, now I'm not only resisting to selling but I am eager to sell.

Thank you so much for that great session and if you have someone who perhaps may doubt your help, I'm here to tell them that this session can change your life, can change your business life for sure! Thank you so much!!"

Ewa Andrykiewicz Zmyslona

Business Coach


"A few weeks ago I had a wonderful opportunity to work with Konstadina through the Positive Change Academy. Before the session I tended to avoid the closing of a sale. I enjoy advocating for people in my business.

I am a Special Needs Travel Consultant. Helping people get out of town with families and friends is my passion. Meeting people, researching vacation requests and gathering information is easy for me. Getting Paid, and closing the sale is harder for me.

After working with the program I see that closing the sale is part of the process. The sale is only one part of the full services I provide. I have seen a lot more ease into the sales portion of my program.

I have also realized that by closing the sale, my clients are going to experience the adventures, and I will stay in contact with them. Sales are a way to value myself for a service I provide.

Sales are also not an ending to a relationship. I have had a number of requests and I'm now working on far more client vacation requests than before, due to now having eliminated these issues. I look forward to a fabulous year, reaching 3 x the income than last year.

Thank you Konstadina."


Vicky Spencer - Rouse
Special Needs Travel Consultant,



" I worked with Konstadina a few months ago and I just can't believe how much of a difference it made in my life.  I often stop and wonder about it, whenever I find myself doing all the things I thought I could never do, before that session.

I had always been terrified of having anything to do with my money, convinced that I was an utter failure both in managing it and earning it. My whole life, I had found ways around this, with people taking care of my finances and living for me, but that had backfired on me and I really needed help since I was about to get a divorce and being on my own for the first time ever. After the session with Konstadina everything changed.

I just met one of my best friends last week and she knew exactly all about my problems with money… I realized, telling her about what's going on in my life right now, how different I am from the woman she used to know.

Today I am able to run an independent business, keep track of all my business and home expenses, take effective and sensible decisions, know what my job and time is worth and ask for it, and even ask for discounts or better prices (I know!). I am not scared anymore of logging into my bank account or talking to the insurance man. I feel like a real person now.

I don't need anyone to take care of me and my finances, and it makes me feel free for the first time in my life. Free from all the limiting beliefs that came from my family, background and past and that Konstadina very effectively released from my system in just an hour. I cannot be grateful enough to her!"

Domizia Parri,




"During the first session I was able to gain a greater insight and understanding about the lesson behind my feelings of guilt about becoming wealthy and abundant and it has to do with learning to accept that everyone is on their own path - it is important for me to honour that, especially when I see someone in what I consider to be lacking in (esp.) wealth.

After the second session I'm noticing that I now am able to let go of worrying - sense of lack, fear over attracting money and abundance. The gift I see from the inability to receive, accept and feel worthy of financial prosperity and abundance is that not only am I working in this life to set and keep my own boundaries but it is very important for me to see, honour and respect other's boundaries.  In other words, just because I can see where a person could be, does not mean that I have to march in and make this happen.

The next session was wonderful - I feel a sense of freedom, excitement and perhaps a little nervousness (in a good way). I am smiling more that I have for a long time - I do not feel stuck.

It's been over a week now since my sessions - I am still using the affirmation from time to time.  Overall I am aware of a wonderful shift in my being.   I am still very busy with my work and my business development but, I have really noticed a joy in what I am doing, there is a definite relaxation into doing what I love to do.

On review of the process and journey I have been on since starting this work with you, I am aware of the positivity that I seem to have harnessed.  I know that all of my needs are looked after and I am worthy and accept wealth and opportunity... In fact, there seems to be so much opportunity bubbling up for me right now that I have booked the morning off for myself tomorrow just to plan and strategize."

Much Love,

moira_HutchisonMoira Hutchison CTACC  DHP Acc.Hyp.

Wellness Practitioner
Ottawa, Canada


"Konstadina for me is incredibly professional, whose efficient and adequate work in less than an hour was able to analyse the problem, to look into it, to define and transform it, through its extensive accomplishment.

And not only that, but give me a starting point and the perspective, from which to build and enrich my personality! Konstadina, THANK YOU for what you share with love, dedication and creativity; for your experience, talent and wisdom!"

Milena LekovaMilena Lekova,

Workshop Facilitator


"I felt a connection with Konstadina. She was lovely. Again in the 2nd session she took plenty of time explaining to me the process. She has a peaceful, beautiful voice and I felt quite blessed by her. I felt that she was very caring and that she "saw" me and had a true desire to help me. After the session I was quite pleased, uplifted and looking forward to continuing the sessions.

I felt a sense of relief from old negativity when she was through. This session was so amazing, and so uplifting.

In the days following the session, I have noticed that I AM valuing myself more. Definitely I feel an increase in how I treat, value and respect myself. I have a free-er sense about me now. I have a deeper sense that all will workout and I have been more peaceful and assured that I am valuable. I feel that a major shift did occur. I feel more stable and secure within myself. I feel more sure of my value.

I know this work was and is so vital to me. Thank you Konstadina! I am most grateful to you for your work.

Blessings to you"

angelatraversAngela Travers

San Diego, California, United States



"Konstadina's  sessions provided a welcomed releasing space, which specifically helped me go into a clearer direction in terms of focusing on my dreams going forward."

Reena GagnejaReena Gagneja BA (Hons), H-hp Dip,
Certified Spiritual Life Coach

United Kingdon

 "We decided to work on the subject of 'feeling comfortable in personal relationships and being able to experience closeness'.

During the sessions I felt relaxed and quiet inside (which is something I haven't felt very often).  

During the following few days, I felt a kind of softness towards others that wasn't there before. It was like I had this big balloon of warmth in front of me. This really felt good and contacts benefited from this. Business contacts were even better, and in the few private contacts I had there were some heart-to-heart connections, which I really enjoyed.

Yes, there is still room for improvement, so I need to think about the affirmation more. My affirmation is: I now feel comfortable in my relationships and I am being able to connect."

Brigitte van LentBrigitte van Lent


Neerpelt, Belgium

"Hello Konstadina,

I know it's been a while now but I needed to get back to you to thank you again for the healing session as it helped me to fully embrace all the neglect, pain and suffering in my life. I would say the healing has allowed for my soul to feel strong and uplifted. You are definitely a spirit full of amazing light. I am so thankful to have met you Konstadina. Thank you for the work you do!

Many blessings,"

Maria CruzMaria Cruz,



"Thank you Konstadina for the beautiful moments of healing, inspiration and confidence. The three hours that we had together helped me immensely for my physical and emotional freedom, and for my spiritual growth.

Burdened by daily cares and by aggravated family relations, I had amassed in my aura and in my body negative energies which manifested in my life as sadness, regret, anger, disappointment and dissatisfaction. One easily forgets that one is the creator of one's life through one's thoughts and emotions.

In my first meeting with Konstadina she helped me release the pain, sadness and the negative effects of people's opinions on me. She removed them from me as if with a magic wand in just one session. The result was healing and lightness.

In the second session Konstadina managed through the Divine codes to reactivate in me the Divine inspiration and my creative powers.

In the third meeting she helped me to regain my confidence in my own strength, in the great range of possibilities for self-expression and self-realization.

She read with ease important elements of my Akashic records in terms of aims, possibilities and intentions of my soul in this earthly incarnation.

A hearty thank you, Konstadina.

The meetings with you left a deep trace and intensified the feeling of harmony, fulfillment and connection to all spheres of my life. The excitement and the inspiration woke up again in me full power!

Thank you and see you soon!"

Stefka Todorova,

business owner

Sofia, Bulgaria

"The first few days after the sessions I felt no major changes but after the 6th day things began  to change.  I never hold thoughts about wealth, no more fears about not having enough etc, what I do think about and I do focus on is sending healing to the world everyday; every morning I visualise the earth wrapped in healing light from me, sending love and harmony to all those in need.. 

Since then I have felt so much better! Things have started to change!! My mother in law had to go into a residential home after her older son decided to do this, and although we have not been happy her going, since I've visited her I've met so many elderly people  who I feel are sort of attracted to me when I visit them.

They come to me and hold my hands and hug me, its as though they are getting a sense of healing from me. WOW it feels e great.  This is a positive for me, the more I think of other people and send them healing I seem to get quite a lot back.

I've won money a couple of times and its as though something is telling me to continue this and the dark shadow from the past will disappear. I'm just concentrating on setting up a small business where I can visit people at home to give reiki and I know and believe this is going to happen sooner rather than late.

I feel great.  Thank you Konstadina."

Champa Mistry

Reiki Master

Loughborough, United Kingdom

"Receiving training from Konstadina, we found that it greatly increased our paths to truth and our energy work. Our understanding was clearer and awareness and intuition was magnified greatly. We found it an enjoyable, comfortable and pleasant being able to sit in the comfort of our own home, taking away nervous tendencies and thus making the whole experience thoroughly enjoyable. With gratitude, kind regards and many thanks to you Konstadina...
Love and light"

Suzi and Mike Smith,
United Kindgdom

"For months I had been as if in a lift that would not take off. In Dina's [Konstadina's] visit to Sofia,  I saw an outstretched hand, a life jacket that was handed to me. This was a chance to heal that part of myself which was running in circles and was repeating old patterns. Dina helped me to get an insight into the spiritual aspects of my choices in this field. I felt as a seven string instrument, perfectly attuned. A great wave of love and compassion filled me, raised me, expanded me.
Thank you Dina! I love you!"

Petya Dimitrova, Healer

"The days after our sessions I had some situations which made me realize very important things in my life. Realizing the obsessive influence of some people in my life made me feel free like never before.

About my fear of snakes - I was 2 days in the mountain last week and felt good enough except this green sunny field I had to pass through - but I still did it by tapping the EFT point of my hand when crossing the field.This is a big progress.

And the big news - today I saw a little snake in my garden. In a safe distance from about 7-10 meters, and it was really baby snake (maybe about 30-50 cm). Still can't believe it! I was more amazed than shocked and terrified. Surely I'm not going to walk in the grass with bare feet, but the snake itself wasn't a monster!

I thank you so much fo everything you did for me! Really the purpose that I came to you was to find emotional freedom and I can feel this happened in many ways.

Hope to see you soon,
Love,light and smiles"

Anastasia P., Sofia, Bulgaria

"Konstadina is a kind hearted and sympathetic woman.  She understood my ailment and was kind and thoughtful enough to listen to my story and reach out and help me.  She is a caring person who will take her time in helping you and serving you the best way.
First Session
I noticed a big improvement in my head area which was clear and I felt energetic and well grounded the next day.  During the session I did not feel much but I noticed the difference the next couple of days where I was able to do more because I had more stamina.
Second Session
Again during the session I did not feel any sensation which was very similar to the first session.  But I was indeed improving and was not feeling my body limiting me in what I wanted to accomplish for the day.  I had energy and felt happier and felt more grounded."

Amber Rashid,

New York, USA

"Hi Konstadina,
I really enjoyed our session together and feel much better and able to meet the challenges of a heavy debt load. It came to me that I had stopped recording my expenditures and thus, I would never realize when I had overspent. Only a minor detail as I always used to be so facetious in recording everything!

I was also asked to help with a course and it was great to record the registration and sale of books and CD's for the trainer in exchange for attending his class free of charge.

I realized that I have been given a great deal of gifts and need to use them rather than pack them away for future use - use them or lose them!

It took someone from the UK to open my eyes to the beauty around me and set me on the right track - Thank you!"

Gail Tayyam,

"Thank you for the course! I feel at peace and full of hope. Hearty greetings and see you soon!"

Marina Kirova, University student
Sofia, Boulgaria

"What an amazing and enlightening session I had as my Akashic Records were opened to offer answers to my questions. I found this reading not only helpful as it clarified my mission but also it was held in a safe space so that I could heal. I highly recommend this reading. Love Susan" 

Susan Kennard

EFT Master Practitioner and Trainer  (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Meta Health Practitioner 

BAHons Psy, PG Dip Psy Obs, AAMET Adv AMT Master Practitioner/Trainer. Birth Reimprinting Practitioner. Meta P