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9 tips on how to remain motivated – even in the hardest of moments

9 tips on how to remain motivated -even in the hardest of moments  Motivation is what keeps us going.  It is the reason people succeed and the reason people fail.  Motivation is the drive someone has to complete a task. For an entrepreneur however, this can be a hard thing to maintain as usually have only the self to rely upon for everything. This is why having a plan to keep motivation in high levels and at all time is important. Here are few things you can do towards building up and maintaining motivation. Set a goal and a deadline […]

A method to release the grip of comfort zones

In my last article I talked about comfort zones and promised to show you an easy method you can use to release the grip of comport zones that hold back your progress. I’m talking about the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT, which uses the ancient Chinese concepts of Acupressure, Acupuncture and the Meridian System. Even though EFT was created something like 25 years back, it is one of the complimentary modalities that has been well researched and documented with high levels of success – both in emotional and physical issues. Although to some people new in this technique it might […]

How our beliefs can block our progress & success

Our belief system is a set of concepts or ideas that we carry as our truth and govern our thoughts, words and actions.  These beliefs begun to formulate from the moment we were born and have been influenced by our parents, teachers, the society and our own observations and experiences whilst growing up. The beliefs hold, in many ways define us and determine how we express ourselves, how we relate to the world and how we respond to it. Some of these beliefs are part of our conscious awareness and some are not.  However, even those which are not in […]