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What’s blocking your big dreams

I know you have dreams. You definitely have desires. Wanting things in this human experience is an innate characteristic. Desires are endless and are born continuously.  However, there are some things that we want a lot more than others. So, check how bad do you want something. Choose something specific. Lets choose something that has to do with your business or career. If (1) is “very little” and (10) is “very much”, how much do you want this specific thing? If you have given it more than 7 then you are on a good track – a good starting point. […]

Why manifesting is not happening for you

You want it! You really – really want it. But it’s not happening. You are not getting what you want.  Sometimes it may even seem that you are getting exactly the opposite of what you want. WHY???  Didn’t they say “ASK AND IT IS GIVEN” applies to all?  The Bible says it, the channelings say it, the Law of Attraction gurus are saying it.  So you must be feeling frustrated that this might be working for others but not for you.  May be you are feeling powerless or lack self belief in your ability to make this work for you. […]