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Self Image, Self Worth and Branding

Branding is not only for big business and corporations. Branding has very much to do with your business image to the outside world and if you are a solo-preneur it has to do with your self image. How clear you are of your self image will determine your view – and so other people’s view – on your self worth. I explain everything in the video below: If you are a business owner or business owner- to -be, you are of course interested in having a successful business. This heavily relies on increasing number of quality clients / customers and […]

Feeling the best kept secret in your industry? 8 ways to change that.

Are you the best kept secret? 8 ways to change that.   You probably have worked and studied long, perhaps you have developed skills and most likely you were born with specific talents. And now you want to use all that in working independently doing what you love and enjoy, make a difference in the world by serving hundreds, even thousands of people (maybe more?) It is extremely possible that you are one of the best professionals in your field.  The problem is no one – yet – knows who you are, no one knows what you do, no one […]