THE SWORD OF  ARCHANGEL MICHAEL light codes & activation


has been inspired and guided by Archangel Michael with the intent to assist you in your spiritual journey to 


1. Cut away obstacles bondage cords n experience freedom

2. Cut away falsehood and reveal Truth

3. Protect you from anything that does not serve your highest n greatest good


It will be channeled and created just for you, based on your energies and adjusted to the frequencies based on where you are in your journey and what you will need to use it for specifically for your needs.


In this very UNIQUE service you will receive:

A personalised image of your own SWORD OF MICHAEL


as well as a Light Language Activation audio under the instruction of AA Michael.


Jo Schwartz, KS, USA
Hello my dear friend! First u2013 Thank you so much for this opportunity to receive the sacred reading of my Broader Self. It is completely on target. It is wonderful to have you share your talents with others. Iu2019m sure with more meditation and work u2013 I could access this information myself u2013 however u2013 at present I am unable, and having you assist me confirms that I am on track! As I spoke earlier with you u2013 it was somehow important to know my Universal name. Now I can see itu2026 and feel itu2026 and now know it. The significance of the energies describes me to a u2018teeu2019. How wonderful it felt to read it! And thenu2026. I moved to the drawingsu2026. I am assuming the first one is of my higher self. (u201cThe colors of the higher selfu201d) The second drawing is the sound or vibration of my sacred symbol. Both brought tears to my eyesu2026 I have no words to describe the overwhelming emotions in holding them and looking at them. I do know that I kept repeating the word u201cYESu201d!!! I will be meditating with my picturesu2026.I can already close my eyes and see them clearly u2013 just minutes after having received them! Thank you for the enlightenment. (and thank you to MY guides for bringing me to you!) Hugs and love to you!
Lisa Hensel, MS, USA
Hi Konstadina, Thanks so much for the drawings, info and clarification on soul color! They say a picture is worth a thousand words, in this case, it is also worth a thousand immense feelings of love, gratitude, awe, self knowing, peace and happiness. Discovering my soul's name, colors and purpose really resonated with me and I canu2019t thank you enough for sharing your gifts and talents with those of us who are seeking spiritual truth, growth and knowledge. Peace & Love, u201d
Julia B, California, USA
I have had spiritual readings through the years and can honestly say that my reading with Konstadina was truly one of the most high-level spiritual interactions that I have EVER had. This woman is the real deal. The information that came through in my reading moved me to my very core. My Akashic records phone session was mind-blowing in its depth and wisdom. It explained so many issues for me that I have been wrestling with all of my life. The compassionate candor that came through was just what I needed to hear. Konstadina will tell it like it is, but do it in a way that is so supportive and articulate that I felt nothing but grateful when the session ended. What a privilege to be the recipient of her amazing spiritual gifts. I know it was not an accident for me to connect with her and I am looking forward to using the information that came through in my session as a springboard to a new chapter in my life.
Monique Muro, CA, USA
I have never had an akashic reading before so I did not know what to expect. I have been to many psychics in the past and none were not actually quite good as this one. Although this reading is different from a psychic reading. My experience was very good and Konstadina gave me an accurate reading and answered all my questions to the best of her ability. She is an excellent advisor and offers the truth. I would highly recommend this type of reading for anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves and have life questions that need to be answered.u201d
Debi Fegley, VA, USA
Yvonne Hardford, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
I received a reading and attunement to Akashic Records from Konstadina. A true blessing!!!!! The reading was very accurate and full of inspirational guidance. As a healing Master Teacher of several modalities I was blessed with this reading from such a wise, truly enlightened and compassionate lightworker. I offer my highest recommendation to anybody wishing to have a reading or receive the Akashic Attunement from Konstadina. Thank You
Anne Graham-Smith, Norwich, UK
Thank you so much for the wonderful reading. It has given me inspiration and insight in to what I must do. Your words were so beautiful! My heart is filled with love and joy






Light Language Activation Audio




Very high level reading; beautiful, detailed and encouraging; Bless you A+++++++" - cece14 ( 274 )
Amazingly powerful and beautiful reading. Thank You so much. Many Blessings!" - angelcraft ( 1252 )
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"Amazingly accurate. I can relate to all of it. Thank you xxx " - penny_poppy ( 16)
"Konstadina is truly a gifted and dedicated healer. Many thanks! Namaste" - its_4_the_birds ( 196)


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