Coaching programme with Konstadina Sadoriniou

The Blueprint to a Successful & Profitable Business

➤ Do you sometimes struggle with consistently attracting enough paying clients?

➤ Do you feel stuck and lack clarity as to what you need to do in your business to succeed?

➤ Is it difficult for you to see what’s so special about you and your work and showcase it to

your prospects with confidence?

If you have had enough being mediocre but you are unsure as to how to successfully promote yourself and your business, but you  are ready to step into the next phase of your professional evolution and enjoy greater success in your business;

Then this is a programme for you!

We are starting from ground level up toward achieving your goal of attracting your ideal clients and sustain a profitable business doing what you love.

The “7 Step Road Map to More Paying Clients” coaching programme covers the following steps:

  1.     Discover your uniqueness and Unique Selling Proposition
  2.     Identify the obstacles that stand in your way
  3.     Clarify your message & establish your brand
  4.     Identify your ideal client
  5.     Identify & reach your     target market
  6.     Create and apply an effective Marketing Plan
  7.     Attract your ideal clients and create / sustain a successful business

What you can expect to gain from this programme

✓ Build up the foundation your business needs to thrive.

✓ Bring clarity as to what you offer and to whom.

✓ Create a unique and attractive brand.

✓ Understand who your clients are and where you can find them in great numbers.

✓ Develop systems and strategies that help you build up your clientele.

✓ Learn how to leverage your business.

✓ Learn how to sell with confidence without being “salesy”.

✓ Develop the confidence that comes from knowing.

✓ Experience less stress and overwhelm by learning ways to manage time, plan ahead and

organise your work effectively.

✓ Learn effective online / offline marketing strategies that get you the results you seek.

✓ Create a Marketing Plan that consistently gets you more clients.

✓ Learn how to set up programs, memberships and courses.

and more …

Either you want to start a business or you are feeling stuck in your present business and are ready to step up your game to greater success, this is a programme you will highly benefit from.
During the 7 STEP ROAD MAP TO MORE PAYING CLIENTS™ Coaching programme, you receive the valuable tools and assignments you need, we answer all your questions, discuss complete worksheets and set action plans for achieving your goals.

Either you are want to start a business or you are feeling stuck in your present business this is a programme you will highly benefit from.

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