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Success Stories
Hundreds of people have benefited working wit Konstadina. Read some of their comments below:
Moira Hutchison CTACC  DHP Acc.Hyp.
Wellness Practitioner, Ottawa, Canada
"On review of the process and journey I have been on since starting this work with you, I am aware of the positivity that I seem to have harnessed.  I know that all of my needs are looked after and I am worthy and accept wealth and opportunity… In fact, there seems to be so much opportunity bubbling up for me right now that I have booked the morning off for myself tomorrow just to plan and strategize."


Brigitte van Lent
CoachNeerpelt, Belgium

We decided to work on the subject of ‘feeling comfortable in personal relationships and being able to experience closeness’.During the sessions I felt relaxed and quiet inside (which is something I haven’t felt very often).   During the following few days, I felt a kind of softness towards others that wasn’t there before. It was like I had this big balloon of warmth in front of me. This really felt good and contacts benefited from this. Business contacts were even better, and in the few private contacts I had there were some heart-to-heart connections, which I really enjoyed. Yes, there is still room for improvement, so I need to think about the affirmation more. My affirmation is: I now feel comfortable in my relationships and I am being able to connect.”

Reena Gagneja BA (Hons), H-hp Dip, CMA

Certified Spiritual Life Coach
United Kingdon


“Konstadina’s  sessions provided a welcomed releasing space, which specifically helped me go into a clearer direction in terms of focusing on my dreams going forward.”

Milena Lekova

Workshop Facilitator,

Sofia, Bulgaria

"Konstadina for me is incredibly professional, whose efficient and adequate work in less than an hour was able to analyse the problem, to look into it, to define and transform it, through its extensive accomplishment. And not only that, but give me a starting point and the perspective, from which to build and enrich my personality! Konstadina, THANK YOU for what you share with love, dedication and creativity; for your experience, talent and wisdom!"