Selling will make other people dislike me – how to eliminate limiting beliefs on selling

selling dislike meYou are a business owner, or perhaps it is part of your job to sell. However, when it comes to selling you feel your stomach tied in a knot. You feel… uncomfortable to say the least because you believe that others won’t like you as much and would want to avoid you.

In today’s video I will share with you why you are having these feelings and beliefs and what you can do stop having all these negative, unhealthy emotions when it comes to selling.



Hello this is Konstadina Sadoriniou from where we help you bring out the best in you and your business so you can make more money doing what you love and make a difference in the world.

When you think about salespeople what comes in mind? Hmmmm

As society we have created some standard concepts about salespeople which are not very flattering to them isn’t it? Especially those car salesmen right?

So when we see a sales person at our door, find out we have one on the other side of the phone, or we get that all “what the…” email what does our first instinct prompt us to do?

No thanks and close the door.

No thanks and hang up the phone.

And the email… delete delete delete.

We immediately go on the defence, don’t we? We don’t even give the guy a chance. Why? Because no one likes to be sold to. We find salespeople to be pushy, able to manipulate needs, wants, circumstances , people and even be unethical. We are convinced that they want to make us buy what they sell even if we don’t want it.

Obviously if we have developed such beliefs, there must have been few incidents in the past – within our own experience or in that of others – which proved to us that the above is so. Because indeed there have been and still are some salespeople who are like that.

So when we try to sell our service or product we do not want to be seen with this low perception by other people. It is important for most of us to be liked, accepted, approved by others and if we accept the generalisation that everyone who tries to sell something is being sleazy then we are sitting on a broken seat.

It is a catch 22. We need to sell but we are afraid so sell because we think others won’t like us. This belief will either stop up from selling or we would have such a guilty vib when we try to sell that any effort will come across totally wrong to our prospects, which in turn won’t feel trusting or confident to buy from you.

So what do we do then?

First of all it’s worth bringing into our conscious awareness that not all salespeople in the world should be put under the same category of a degraded race. There are some excellent people out there that do their job with great integrity and ethical manners.

There should be no prejudice against the processes of selling because this is something that everyone does all the time. It’s not the fault of the process it’s the fault of the person using the process in a wrong way.

Then, we need to also acknowledge that the process of ethical, authentic selling is really coming from the stand point of how we can best serve others with their needs, dreams and desires. Our job is to help them in the process of eliminating their fears and reservations so they can step forward and fulfil those needs, wants and goals. They need to know, so we are actually obliged to let them know what’s available to them and the effort is to be able to build rapport and trust.

Seeing things from this different kind of perspective we can activate an “aha” moment and when we start seeing things differently then we will start acting differently. We can actually change our belief system through the simple process of realisation.

If however, these beliefs are deep repetitive old programming of the subconscious we do need some extra push or help to format this area of the subconscious and re-write new ones.

This is where I help my clients to step out, step up and move forward, allowing themselves the freedom to be who they are with confidence, gain belief in what they offer, and promote it with confidence.

If you would like to find out how I could possibly be of assistance to your business success, I would encourage you to apply for a strategy session today. Places are limited and you need to qualify to be accepted.

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That’s it for now. In my next video I will share with you a mini session you can follow along to help eliminate the emotional grip the statement of: selling will make others dislike me – has on you. So stay tuned.

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This is Konstadina Sadoriniou

till next time be empowered and motivated and unleash the magnificent person you were born to be. Remember the world needs you and the special something only you can contribute to them, so don’t make them wait.

Take care and I’ll speak to you soon

Bye for now

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