Self Image, Self Worth and Branding

Branding is not only for big business and corporations. Branding has very much to do with your business image to the outside world and if you are a solo-preneur it has to do with your self image. How clear you are of your self image will determine your view – and so other people’s view – on your self worth.

I explain everything in the video below:

If you are a business owner or business owner- to -be, you are of course interested in having a successful business. This heavily relies on increasing number of quality clients / customers and increased sales. The big question here is, why these people would come to you and not your competition? How do you successfully establish your brand in your market?

Well to establish your brand you need first to create one. And to create a successful brand you need to know what differentiates your business from your competitors. What makes your product or service special. In other words what’s the uniqueness of your brand?

For small business owners this heavily relies on how they project themselves; how they are able to demonstrate their uniqueness.

So discovering your uniqueness as an entrepreneur is not important only for reasons of personal growth and increased self confidence; it is important for being able to identify the business’ Unique Selling Proposition – in other words, the business’ speciality that differentiates it from everyone else.

The question is: do you know who you truly are and do you really understand why it is important to know?

If I was to ask you if you feel yourself being unique, what would your answer be? Yes or no?

Is it something you have thought of before or not?

If you haven’t thought of it or your answer is “no”, I’m here to tell you why I believe you are absolutely, exceptionally, extraordinarily unique.

Now, lets start from the obvious. Look at your body. You might say: Well, I have a head, two hands and two legs like mostly everyone else of the 6 plus billion people on this planet. And yes, this is true, however, if you observe more carefully there is no one else that has the same face like yours and the same combination of hands, legs and body shape. There is no one else in this world that has the same finger prints like yours. So physically you are absolutely unique.

Let’s look at it a bit deeper. Your personality. Check your special values, skills and talents. There maybe million of people who are kind but there are few who are kind and psychic and even fewer who are kind, psychic and love to help people through their profession. And not everyone has these qualities to the same degree.

Now look at your shortcomings and weaknesses. The same counts. There is no one else in the world that has the same characteristics, the same personality like yours. Just the fact that you are absolutely unique, makes you special, exceptional and extraordinary.

So for creating a successful branding, discover your uniqueness and build confidence around who you truly are. Let this be your guidance to establish your unique selling proposition and come out to the market with this competitive edge.

So your task for this week is not only to develop the belief that you are absolutely, exceptionally, extraordinarily unique but to also find out in what way you are unique, so you can use it for your advantage in your effort to successfully establish the brand of your business.

This is Konstadina Sadoriniou with your Business Success tips

Have a great week.

Till next time keep marketing your business and stay motivated


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