The quality of leadership and why you need it

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Often when we think about leadership, with think of an individual who is the head of a group, organisation or company. He or she is the person who is the decision maker and commands others. So maybe you are wondering what leadership has to do with you, a small business owner, a solo-preneur and why it is an important quality you need to have. This is what I’m going to talk to you today.

I think it is important to first clarify what true leadership is before we can understand why it is an important quality for everyone to have not just business owners.

Leadership is a quality and a skill which seems that charismatic few have – although this does not mean that others are unable to develop it.

So it is not really about position, it is not about how many people you are able to control and direct. It’s about feeling secure within you that you are able, capable, confident enough, courageous and strong within you enough to step up and be the one who can positively influence others, can inspire others to move forward or move a project forward.

Sometimes however, you don’t even have to inspire others to achieve a goal. It can be a simple question of being able to motivate your own self to accomplish something.

As a leader you need to be able to take decisions and for that you need to have vision, clarity and self belief. So for these, you also need to know your stuff.

A true leader is trusted, respected and often loved because he or she holds the ability to empower, uplift, encourage and support.

Can you now see, why it is important for you to give some thought and attention to the quality of leadership? It’s because of all these other qualities it represents.

So either you hold a position of authority and have employees, volunteers, clients or the way you relate to your own self in life or in business it is important for you to be a charismatic leader.

Let me say again the qualities: self belief, inner strength, expertise, confident decision making, trustworthiness, respect, clarity, vision and the ability to inspire, motivate, empower, encourage, support, uplift and last but not least able to get things done.

Developing these qualities within you and becoming a charismatic leader will not only make you a better person and chief commander of whichever team or project you lead, it will greatly increase your chances to succeed in your business.

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