The Healing Touch CD – audio download

This 25 minutes (approx.) CD consists 5 relatively short but very powerful meditation commentaries on healing, having a gentle, smooth new age background music, to assist in healing, to rejuvenate, and for personal growth.

The titles of the commentaries are as follows:

1. Regaining Consciousness For establishing a conscious awareness of your physical and non-physical existence.

2. Healing the Body For replenishing and rejuvenating the body.

3. Healing the Heart For closing emotional wounds and uplifting the heart.

4. Healing the Relationships For re-establishing broken relationships and repair the damage of clashes.

5. Healing the World For bringing the planet back to balance and everything on it.


— This CD will help you in calming your thoughts, your emotions and your biology.
— Keep you more aware of the different processes that are taking place in your life.
— Enable you to become stronger in dealing with situations.”
— Assisting in actually achieving the healing you wish to achieve.”


“The Healing meditations touch you deep. They penetrate beyond your conscious understanding and harmonize layers of your being that you did not know existed. They are not just relaxing, I think they offer keys to secret doors to balance and wholesome energy. All you need to do is let go, trust and follow. And, provided you are sincere in your desire for betterment, healing will inevitably come.”

Peter Nyagolov
Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Bulgaria

~ * ~

“The Healing Touch” inspired a re-commitment to remain in truth with total existence, myself, my relationships and my world. The commentaries are tranquil, recharging, encouraging.”

Juanita Rodriguez
Retired Teacher, USA