Why you need to set goals & how to do it

You hear about setting goals all the time and perhaps you are wondering why do you really need them – perhaps you already know what you want or maybe not.

However, how do you set these goals in a way that you can be sure they will be achieved? This is what I’ll share with you today.


In every aspect of life one needs to know where he’s heading. Otherwise, time is passing by and we are moving through life aimlessly like a ship without the captain being on the steering wheel, left in the mercy of the waves to throw it here and there.

It is the same with our business venture. If we do not know or we are not clear as to where exactly we are heading; if we don’t know what is that which we seek to achieve, success will elude us.

Setting SMART GOALS is a proven approach to achieving success quicker and easier.

SMART stand for:
Specific – Measureable – Attainable – Realistic – Timely

SPECIFIC – You need to articulate clearly – preferably using action verbs – exactly what you wish to achieve and how you are going to achieve it and you need to know “why” you want to achieve it.

MEASURABLE – You need to use metrics and be specific in numbers as this is the easiest way to check on your progress and how well – or not – you are doing so you can do necessary adjustments.

REALISTIC – This is a little bit tricky, because you neither want to put a target that isn’t in anyway possible (i.e. learn to fly like superman) nor do you want to restrict or underestimate what you can actually achieve. Still it needs to feel a goal which is possible for you.

TIMELY – There must be a time limit, a deadline that this goal needs to be achieved. This will push you to action instead of trying to accomplish something indefinitely.

Clarifying our goals in this way makes it easier for us to see and determine what steps we need to take to reach it.

Most of the time there are sub-goals we need to set within the path towards achieving our bigger goals.

Here is where you can start:

Use the SMART goals template to define the goal of your business for the next year, the next 3 years and the next 5 years. Then set goals for each month, each week, and each day which will bring you closer to achieving your main goal.

To begin with, it might feel like a lot of work. However, this process will give you tremendous clarity, increase your motivation and greatly reduce your overwhelm and stress.

If you need help with this work I would recommend you enrol to the “7 steps roadmap to business success™” coaching programme.

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