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What you have planned for yourself before taking birth

In this Highly Intuitive Reading you will receive:

This is a specialised Akashic Records Reading that gives an insight to your Life Purpose & Life Mission in this birth.


What is the Life Purpose & Life Mission?


In simple words, the life purpose of an individual is: ‘What have I come here to learn? What I have I come here to master?’, while the life mission would be, ’What have I come here to achieve? What have I come here to serve?’. 

These 2 aspects are part of the Divine Plan you have created together with the help of Divine Beings before taking birth as part of your soul’s contract in this particular birth.

Finding your passion and the line of profession may or may not be connected with your life’s mission.


What is a Sacred Code?


Sacred refers to that which is holy, from Spirit / Source / God and of high frequency and vibration, that which comes from the LIGHT.

A Code has to do with encrypted information through words, written or spoken, image, sound, movement / gesture, and holds specific intent for its existence and a specific purpose.

So a Sacred Code is encrypted information from the LIGHT.  In the same way that we use the expression “Light Language” which can be seen as encoded communication ( beyond known human languages)  that comes from the Light.  True Light Language transmissions hold high vibration with the purest of intents.

It can be expressed  through a drawing, written Light Language, spoken Light Language, or hand & body movement. 


What is Light Language?


In particular Light Language is  multi dimensional form of either verbal or written form which transcends known human language. It can be expressed through  spoken word, singing, hand  or body movement or written symbols. 

Light Language brings forth higher dimensional frequencies from Source / Higher Consciousness, that ‘speak’ directly to the DNA and energy field, finding a resonance that balances you in profound and practical levels. While your mind may not understand the ‘words,’ your subtle bodies understand the support and healing that the Language of Light offers.

Light language  bypasses the human mind, personal judgement and beliefs and can have direct access to the  subconscious, can be deeply experienced by the emotional body as well as the physical body in a way that it is beneficial and uplifting to a person’s personal & spiritual evolution. 

Light language can have direct connection with and impact on the Light Body, the Energy Field / Divine Matrix and holds the potential to release energetic blockages,  bring emotional, physical, mental healing, activate DNA and the pineal gland, access your innate wisdom and initiate Ascension. 


What are the Akashic Records


The Akasha is an etheric library of all events and responses concerning human consciousness in all realities. It is said that it has existed since the beginning of this planet. The akashic records are the individual story book of a soul’s journey. You can compare this with the internet and the World Wide Web with so many individual websites.

These records change as we keep on adding thoughts, words and actions and the individual reality is changed through free will. The ability to access one’s own akashic records lies within every human being but not all know how to do it consciously as yet or have made the effort to develop it.

There are various methods one can achieve that but the basis of it is the connection of the consciousness with realities beyond our linear or 3 - dimensional world, in a higher vibrational level.

The records are revealed to Konstadina  with the assistance of Elevated Beings of Light and the Record Keepers through images, sounds, feelings and sensations. She has been channelling consciously and subconsciously since childhood and as she has progressed spiritually this has become more of a prominent ability.  In addition Konstadina is an empath and compassionate healer. She is known internationally for her gifts and service.


What is an Activation?

An activation is the process of awakening dormant energies in your Divine Matrix with a specific intent so that more aspects of your Higher Self can be expressed in you and your life in this 3 - D  physical reality towards achieving your wholeness, moving towards Ascension and reuniting with your I AM Presence.



I had an Akashic reading yesterday and it was a truly astonishing experience for which I’m so very, very grateful. Dina is a warm and lovely person whose work is not only impressive but also heart-based and truly moving. She has a powerful psychic gift — demonstrated by her intuition, her interpretation of what she was shown and by her ability to answer most of the list of questions I’d prepared before I had a chance to ask them! She revealed my soul purpose and mission, both of which resonated greatly. I was given confirmation after confirmation about my path, and about past life experiences I need to heal. This was a most beautiful experience and I know I will keep on learning from it. Thank you, Dina, you’re a wonder!
Jo Hemmant, Unite Kingdom

This reading is for you If:

  •  You are spiritually inclined and believe in the power of channeled information through the Akashic Records, your Higher Self and Guides
  • You want insights to the essence of who you are to discover your beauty, your power and your potential and have clarity about this birth's life purpose and life mission
  • You are ready to move forward faster towards creating a life of higher standards
  • Claim back your personal power and become a co-creator
  • You are ready to commit towards using this information towards achieving positive change in your life
  • Are ready to step up and become all that you can become as per your Divine Blueprint
I met Dina in the group Keepers of the code, and I instantly felt a connection to her beautiful energy, I love everything about Dina Sadoriniou. She has the soul of an angel. She is such an amazing reader, amazingly intuitive and a heart of gold.. I have had the pleasure of getting many beautiful messages from her. Type of code keeper, what is your cosmic name, and received beautiful codes from her lives.She is one of the souls that has helped me with embracing my code keeper abilities.. I would 1000 percent recommend you check her out. Not only will you learn more about yourself (and receive messages and codes to help you remember your divine soul) you will have the pleasure of connecting with such a divine soul.
Linda Bernes, Canada
When first connected with Konstadina I knew right away she was someone with a beautiful heart and soul as I can feel her sincere energy wanting to help others. I received a mini Akashic Records reading and it was amazing! She confirmed what I already knew and gave me insights about other details and information I was not yet aware of. It was very exciting. The reading gave me confidence that I was moving in the right direction and excitement about what's to follow. I am looking forward to booking a full reading soon. Highly recommend!!! Thank you so much Konstadina!!!
Lindsay Yamamoto, Hawaii
Thankyou for helping me understand. Your reading put all the pieces together. Feel so blessed to have found you at the exact time I needed the confirmations! Parts of my reading that I didn't at the time think were relevant are turning out to be spot on. I have listened again to the reading and am surprised at how accurate it is. It was wonderful to be able to stop and listen to parts and have time to think over parts, it's the perfect way to be able to really understand all the information as it's hard to take on everything at once. How you can possibly know things in such detail, astounds me. I am grateful for the time and effort to get the recording, it definitely enables better understanding of a reading. Love and blessings and a huge thank you for my reading and healing, both were amazing and wonderful.
Debra Webb, Australia
“I had a akashic records reading session with Konstadina and I am just in awe of the accuracy and attention to detail that she was able to provide... she was able to tap into things that I have been contemplating my entire life, but was too afraid to move forward into actually doing .. and now with the validation I am inspired to move forward in fulfilling my dreams into reality ... she is so easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable in sharing your vulnerability ... she makes sure that you are understanding your session every step of the way and you can feel her kindness through her words ... she genuinely cares about assisting you to become your best highest self... to reach your utmost highest potential... I am so grateful for your time .. your energy and your love .... I honestly can't thank you enough for helping me to come to so much clarity in such a short time... I will be coming back for another session .... bless you for your beautiful heart and your amazing gift .... MUCH LOVE .... ”
Vicki Gibson, USA
“I received a reading and attunement to Akashic Records from Konstadina. A true blessing!!!!! The reading was very accurate and full of inspirational guidance. As a healing Master Teacher of several modalities I was blessed with this reading from such a wise, truly enlightened and compassionate lightworker. I offer my highest recommendation to anybody wishing to have a reading or receive the Akashic Attunement from Konstadina. Thank You.”
Yvonne Hardford, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

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In this reading your will receive the following:



aA written Akashic Records Reading answering the question of what is your individual Life Purpose & Life Mission in this birth.

aA Universal  Sacred Code to assist you in mastering this life’s purpose

aA Light Language activation audio to accompany the life’s purpose sacred code

aA Universal Code to assist you in activating your life’s mission

aA Universal Light Language activation audio to accompany your life’s mission sacred code

aA video of the Sacred Code and the Light Language for life purpose

aA video of the Sacred Code and the Light Language for the life mission

aAn activation Process

aLife Purpose / Mission Affirmation mp3


All I need from you is

your full name

date of  birth

and place of birth.

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