Why and how “know ThySelf” gets you clients and business success




What does “Know Thy Self” have anything to do with getting clients and business success?

“Know Thy Self” is a statement well known and broadly circulated in the world of personal growth. It is not something you often hear in the business world. They tell you learn marketing, learn networking, learn book-keeping, learn all the legal elements of a business.

However, they don’t say anything about getting to know “YOU”. I guess there is the presumption that you already know who you are and what you are all about. But do you? Do we? And why on earth is this important in business.

Well simply put your business IS you. You are the one who represents your business venture, you are the one who is the face behind your venture, you are the one from whom your customers or clients are buying from.

So if you do not know “who you are” then you can not consciously project that to your potential clients and target market. In that case, what are you projecting? To find the answer to that question you would still need to look within.

If you don’t know who you are,

you can not be clear as to what exactly is that you bring to the table.

You are unclear as to what you are offering.

You are unclear as to how you can generate the “like and trust” factor in others.

And if you are unclear with these then how can you attract clients? How can your clients be clear as to what you are offering; of what makes you special and different from others; why should they buy from you and not from someone else.

If you are unclear about who you are and what you are offering then that will take away from your self-confidence and self belief and that vibration will further project to your environment which will support your limiting feelings by receiving their lack of confidence in you. Do you follow?

know thyselfThis is why it is so important to “Know Thy Self” in other words know who you are and the way to do this is simple – well at least to begin with.

Start by making a list of all your strengths and talents that you see in yourself.

Add the strengths and talents that others around you have praised you with.

Now pick the top 5 that you believe make you extra special.

Next make a list of all your weaknesses or shortcomings.

Add those that you have heard others saying about you.

From these see which ones can be eliminated by further developing your skills.

Then see which ones you personally need to work with and use one of the many techniques offered in the world of personal growth to help you work it out.

Now bring these special characteristics, talents and skills together and in connection to the specific work that you are doing. This is the Unique YOU that offers the service or product in a unique way.

Going through that list often will begin to generate the clarity, the belief and the confidence of who you are and then you will start seeing the magic happening. You will notice how you begin to attract more of the right people towards you.

Is that the only thing you need to do to attract clients and have business success? Ummm… No. But this is an important first step that if you keep on missing or ignoring you will definitely continue to feel stuck, frustrated and unfulfilled in your work.

So begin your journey of “know Thy Self” now and you will benefit in a much bigger way than just gaining success in your business.

Tell me what you think and if you go through this exercise do let me know what you have come up with and how this has affected you and the way you feel about yourself and the work you offer to the world.

Till next time be empowered and unleash your potential.

To your success


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