June Energy Update for Lightworkers

This is a channeled message from the Benevolent Collective on the energies that will be prominent / manifest in the month of JUNE.

We crossed a milestone it seems. Now the energies during June will assist in following the path.


Energy Update for Lightworkers for June

“The transformation has now taken place. May had indeed initiated a major change. And you did it. Oh no, it’s not over yet… we are talking about what needed to be done in May. Now you have entered the door. But don’t just stand there. You need now to follow the path. You need to drop this fear. You need now to trust more.

Trust the process… trust that all is well…. you are now safe… to take your next step… It might be an individual choice for each one of you but it will be expressed collectively as one. As one big leap of faith to the unknown and yet so known to you as you have been in this path before.

It is the path of full expression of your inner being, your inner power your inner unique identity.

This path that we ask you to follow is seems to often be a lonely one. This is because it’s a path that you need to take on your own. But if you look closer you will start seeing the subtle forms of others walking with you. And when you do that you will feel less scared. The journey will become less scary.

However, you only need to look forward. There will be lots of scenes appearing left and right to the path you are taking. Lots of activities of stories and dramas. Know this dear one, it is not of your concern. Do not get involved and entangled in these scenes. It is not up to you to carry their burden. Glimpse them once, send them love from the Divine and keep moving. WE know that you want to help, however, becoming emotionally involved will not help them. They need to follow their path. By you being the Light, you are spreading Light and that’s how you serve.

The time of June will be a time that holds the potential of this new path being illuminated. There will be opportunities for greater clarity, new discoveries and new realisations. But you need to start taking the steps in this path. Entering the door was significant achievement but it’s not enough. Drop the fear, start walking the path, do not get side-tracked and be open to receive your new inspirations. These inspirations will assist you in being more, believing more, achieving more.

We bless you always and with that we remain at your service always.

We are the voice of the benevolent collective.”


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