Is Marketing sleazy?


Do you find yourself having dislike towards marketing, promotion and sales?

Do you feel uncomfortable every time you feel “you need” to market yourself?

Do you deep down feel marketing is bad and if you use it for your business or work people might feel that you are also bad?

Well, you are not alone.  I had to go through that and many other entrepreneurs still feel this way, having to face these dilemmas: Do I put myself out there or not? How far should I take my promotion? Should I speak to others about my services or not? If I don’t speak, no one will know about me. If I speak they might think I’m trying to push myself to them.

This kind of dilemmas, come from our limiting beliefs about sales and marketing.  We are daily bombarded by advertising telling us how good their products and services are for us – with an effort to increase their sales – and we don’t like it.  No one likes to be pushed to buy something that doesn’t even need or want.

Marketing also has been so wrongly used by so many companies – big and small – that as society we tend to dislike marketing approaches – even though we do tend to fall for their mesmerising messages quite often.

So, if we are playing the part of the consumer, the role is not that difficult because we have the power of choice to accept or disregard promotional activities of various companies.  However, when it comes for us to play the part of the business owner, then we feel stuck as to what we should do to make our chosen business work for us.

Many solopreneurs – especially in the service field – come into business because of the freedom and independence self employment promises and also to help others whilst doing what they love.  However, their business goes nowhere because they either don’t know how to market themselves or they are scared or uncomfortable to do so due to the reasons we mentioned above.  So, they are in a catch 22 situation.

So what’s the solution you might ask?

Well, let’s understand that everything in life is about “perception”.  If we change our perception about things, if we change those limiting beliefs that are holding us back then we are automatically removing those barriers that are stopping us from moving forward.

Whilst studying in University on the subject of marketing, they gave us the definition of marketing which is: “Marketing is the process by which we find what are the needs and desires of the consumers, what services or products we can create to satisfy those needs and desires and how we can let them know that we have what they need to satisfy those desires”.

So in its true sense, marketing is all about service, is all about helping others find and get what they need and want.  If we bear this in mind then, we do not have to look salesy and sleazy when we try and promote ourselves to those who will benefit from our service or product.  This is what we call authentic marketing.

If we believe in ourselves and believe in the benefits of what we provide, it is our duty to expose those benefits to as many people as possible who are eagerly waiting to receive them.  It would be a disservice to them if we don’t do it.

Marketing is just a tool in the hands of entrepreneurs to make their work known, in a way that resonates with their honesty and integrity and with the intention and  motivation to add value to someone else’s life.  This perception, this approach will make a difference to your business.

Think of this: like in many things in life, we should not blame the tool but blame the people who misuse it.  This goes for marketing too: don’t blame marketing, blame those who misuse.

Using marketing with the right frame of mind and with the right motives can only bring you to a win – win result. Win for your client / customer and win for your business.

Remember: the more people you reach, the more people you will benefit and you will sustain even more successful and profitable business.

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Konstadina Sadoriniou is an internationally renown coach, mentor, trainer, speaker and author in the field of personal and professional development with an experience spanning more than 2 decades. She is the founder of the Positive Change Academy which aims to assist conscious entrepreneurs transform their business in a way that they can attract more clients, more success and more profits; learn ways to cope with the changes; reach their full potential and evolve by walking the path of continuous progress. To receive her empowering guide “104 ways to re-claim & hold your personal power” as well as her content rich e-zine, subscribe today at


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