Instantly overcome fear with these 3 methods

3 methods to overcome fear

In my last blog I talked about two different perceptions of the emotion of fear and I promised you that I will share with you some ways you can eliminate fear on the spot.

These methods which are taken straight from my course “optimum health” might prove to be not only “first aid” tools for combating fear but may have permanent results.

Method # 1: Deep purposeful breathing.

Now before you quickly skip this one as something you “already know” or “too simple to take into consideration” I want to explain to you “why” this tool is the best of all.

  1. It is simple

  2. It is easy

  3. It is fast to implement

  4. We already know about it – we just need to tweak it

  5. It is highly effective

  6. It has a profound effect on our emotional, mental & physical wellbeing.

You see there is always a mind – body connection and whatever we experience within our mind there are chemical reactions taking place within the body. To make it simple, I would just say that if the emotions are positive there are positive chemical reactions and if there are negative emotions there are negative chemical reactions.

So when we experience fear, there are negative chemical reactions taking place and one of the organs that is highly affected are the lungs and the breathing process. If you notice, the experience of fear makes our breathing fast, short and shallow.

Fortunately the mind – body connection is of two ways. That means the state of the body also affects the mind i.e. think how bad you feel when your body is in pain. So using this fact to our advantage, if we consciously control our breathing, making it slow, deep and longer lasting, we send signals to the brain that things are well and it then releases positive hormones which then affect our state of being and we experience greater calmness and a sense of control, strength and greater clarity.

So next time you experience fear overwhelming you try this: deep, slow purposeful 3 step breathing in from the nose, and slow breathing out from the mouth. You only need to do this a few times before you can experience the difference. Just in case you over-oxygenise yourself and start feeling slightly dizzy, it might be a better idea if you do this sitting.

Method #2 The 10 second rule

The 10 second rule is based on the 5 second rule of Mel Robbins. I’ve changed it to 10 seconds instead of 5 because my personal experience has been that 5 seconds just isn’t enough for my brain to change response. Also Mel Robbins uses it mainly as way to help you initiate action. Here we are going to use it for redirecting strong emotions and in specific fear. You can actually count for longer period if you feel this is more effective for you.

So let’s say that something has triggered an unrealistic fear. An unrealistic fear I would categorise something that our logical mind knows that there is not threat to us whatsoever, but the subconscious mind sends signals of danger which fire up the amygdala of the brain and we are going into the freeze state of being or ready to fleet showing all the physical signs of stress.

The amygdala, unfortunately can’t distinguish between a real threat and a perceived threat. Sometimes the perceived threat is so intense it triggers a “freeze” response.

What we can do then is distract the brain from where is at and counting backwards can achieve this. From the center of the brain the attention is now focus on the left parietal lobe which causes an emotional discharge.

Method #3 EFT tapping or Meridian Tapping.

This technique although it is based on ancient traditional therapies and is part of what is known as Energy Psychology, has solid scientific foundation.

It was discovered that by tapping on the Meridian points – the same ones that the acupuncturists are using – whilst we are experiencing a negative emotion, either for something that is happening right now or something that has happened in the past, we are able to affect the amygdala of the brain to reduce significantly the levels of cortisol hence experiencing significant reduction of our stress levels – something that the emotion of fear produces.

I would recommend that you watch my video where I explain more about EFT tapping.

So here are 3 easy and quick ways you can use to deal with fear, especially if you are not dealing with the real tiger but a paper one.

I hope you found this useful. If you have do give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends.  And if you feel you could so with some help dealing with your fears check out my coaching programmes and have a chat with me so see what’s best for you.

This is Konstadina Sadoriniou

till next time stay empowered

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