“I don’t have the confidence to sell” – you say? See how to change this.

lack of confidence in sellingDo you feel you luck confidence when it comes to selling? In today’s blog I will share with you not only the reasons behind it but also what you can do to change this around.

It’s a fact. When you are starting your own business you need to start selling something. Either it is a product or a service we need to be able to inspire others to buy from us and not from someone else.

There are some individuals who happened to be born as natural salespeople. It comes easy to them even if they have had no formal training. These are the few lucky ones.

And I say few because most of us don’t have a clue how to do it consciously – and I say consciously because subconsciously we all sell all the time.

So when we think about selling we generally tend to freeze. There are 2 main reason we do that.


Either we lack the knowledge of how to sell successfully – or at least that’s what we believe – and the other reason is, our belief system we have established about certain aspects of running a business. These are usually our feelings about ourselves, about the processes of selling and marketing and about money.

If we feel we lack confidence to sell however, we will simple not take any action to sell anything and if we do, the carrying of that restrictive energy of lack of confidence will work as a block in closing the sale. Do you know what I mean? And what happens next?

What happens next is entering the cycle of lack of self confidence leading to failure and failure leading to further lack of self confidence and we keep spinning the wheel. So how do we get off it?

If lack of knowledge is the only problem then, by learning some marketing and sales techniques and strategies and with some adequate practice we can gradually gain that confidence in selling.

If however, knowledge acquisition does not do the trick then we need to look deeper. We need to discover why we lack the confidence to sell. What might surprise you is something that I find again and again when working one to one with my private clients, and that is the issues we have about selling and marketing often do not even have anything to do with these processes.

We need to look into issues of self worth which can be traced back to our childhood and our interaction with our parents, siblings, teachers and find those events that are the culprits of establishing a belief, for instance, I’m not good enough, I can’t do it.

Or maybe we experience discomfort in asking for something, especially if it involves money. What beliefs have we developed within us about money that makes us feel this lack of self confidence in selling and closing the sale?

One powerful method to deal with such limiting beliefs and clear the emotional charge as well as the power they hold upon us is a technique called EFT tapping.

If you have not heard about Emotional Freedom Techniques please check my video in which I explain more about it.

For today I would like to take you through a quick round of EFT tapping with the goal of assisting you towards if not eliminating at least reducing the intensity of the negative grip of the emotions we hold when it comes to feeling confident in selling.

It would be even more beneficial if you could think of an event of your early days or even a recent one which is linked with this issue. If nothing comes up for you at this point don’t worry, the memory of something is likely to pop up after a round or two of tapping.

First count the level of intensity of your feelings on the statement: I don’t feel confident to sell, from 0 to 10, 0 being the no intensity whatsoever and 10 being the highest possible intensity.

Here we go:

Even though I feel that I lack confidence in selling, even if I’m offering something that I believe will help others tremendously, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though a lack confidence in myself when it comes to selling my services or products and promote myself, I accept this as my present really but I now choose to be free from such limitations.

Even though this lack of confidence I have when it comes to promoting myself and my business overwhelms me and frustrates me, I forgive myself for feeling this way and I’m willing to release such restrictive feelings and beliefs and be free to expand my reach and serve as many people as possible, by taking a decisive actions towards achieving success.

I lack confidence in selling

I don’t feel I can do it

I don’t know how to do it

I’m overwhelmed with emotions of anxiety and stress when I even think about it

It”s just too much for me

It’s frustrating that I have to do it when I really don’t want to

Why do I have to go out and sell

I just want to do what I’m good at

Offer the service, the coaching, the training, the therapy, the session I love doing and trained for

I just want to offer the products I create

It’s not me trying to persuade people to buy from me

Maybe I’ll just rent a room, or a shop, or just create a website and new clients can stream in every day buying my staff

I wish this can happen

But it doesn’t

So I have to do something to get more clients

But I don’t know what to do

Whatever I don’t doesn’t seem to work

Maybe I’m not good enough

Maybe no one wants to work with me

Maybe my product is not good enough

Maybe I should lower my prices

I don’t know what to do

Maybe I can’t make it in business

But I love what I do

I want to succeed

But how can I ask for money

I will look like a beggar

What will others think?

They will think I’m sleazy

They will think I’m pushy

They won’t like me anymore

I can’t go out there and sell

I’m not good at it

I don’t know if I can do it

I don’t know if I can learn how

So I’m frustrated

Because I love being self employed

I love doing what I do

But it’s so hard to leave my comfort zone and start selling

but if I don’t sell

I will not succeed in my business

so I don’t know what do to

Maybe I need to decide what’s more important to me

my comfort zone or my business success

so now I decide

I choose

to get rid of my restrictive emotions and beliefs

and eliminate from my life

any lack of self confidence

any lack of selling with confidence

I choose to be free

I choose to get rid of stress, anxiety, confusion, frustration, disbelief

I choose to be free

I choose to move forward

I choose to succeed

I choose to start loving selling

because selling is just the process

of letting others know how to improve their life

in one way or the other

using my service

using my product

it’s not about me

it’s about them

it’s about benefiting them

so I choose to believe in me

I choose to believe in what I do

I choose to believe in what I offer

because I am good enough

actually I’m more than good enough

I am awesome

I am magnificent

and others can see it

so all is well

This was just a general tapping sequence but I do get more specific in my private sessions with my clients. Still by following me in this tapping session can help you a lot.

So check again. Has this helped the intensity go down at all? You can keep tapping till you bring it down to 0. If you would like a bit more help then I would encourage you to contact me. I offer a limited number of strategy sessions which can prove extremely beneficial to your personal and professional development. Find the link somewhere on this video and the description below.

And if you want to find out the whole list of all the beliefs on selling that stop you from getting clients CLICK HERE to download your free guide.

That’s it for today.

I hope you have enjoyed this video. If you have please like and share it and if you would like to be notified as soon as I upload a new video in my channel make sure you subscribe.

I would also love to hear from you too. Let me know your thoughts and experiences in selling  and what is your take away from this video.

This is Konstadina Sadoriniou

till next time keep empowered and motivated and be the magnificent person you were born to be. Remember the world needs you and the special something only you can contribute to them.

Bye for now



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