Eliminate negative emotions when a prospect says NO – EFT tapping sequence

In my last blog post I shared with you how we can use EFT (emotional freedom techniques) to neutralise the negative emotions as well as re-imprint new ones and in this way change our previous perceptions and beliefs about the outcome of the sales process.

Let me show you how here with a quick round of EFT you can use when you are faced with the “truth” of the statement: “I feel upset when a prospect says no”.

In my previous blog we talked about a scenario that is possibly repeating in your business life: You get upset when a prospect says no. We talked about the conversation that is most likely taking place within your own mind and the emotions that accompany them. I also talked about 2 ways that these upsetting feelings during a loss of a sale can be eliminated once and for all.

If you missed this video, click on the links provided on your screen and description to watch that first.

I want you to think of an event when you had a sales conversation and that prospect did not choose to work with you or buy your product. How did this make you feel? How is it making you feel now that you are thinking about it? Is it upsetting to you? Do you feel rejected? Sad? Frustrated? OR what?

Now in the scale of 0 to 10, 0 being no negative feeling what-so-ever, and 10 being the maximum strength of that negative feeling, where are you at? Note that number.

Now follow me in what I say while you think about that event. If you are not familiar with the EFT process please check my video link on the screen and in the description. So here we go.

Even though I’m really upset, because yet another client said no to working with me, It seems that he doesn’t think I’m good enough for her, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I’m totally dishearten that this customer did not buy from me, didn’t perhaps trust me enough, or maybe I said something wrong, or I could not make him see the benefits of what I offer, I want to be able to love and accept myself the way I am,

Even though, I’m devastated because yet another client said no to me, and I feel totally rejected, unappreciated, no one seems to want to buy from me or use my services, no matter what I do, I choose to love, accept and honour who I am.

I’m so upset

I had such high hopes with this prospect

but he said no to me

he didn’t want to commit to my services and products

I couldn’t persuade him on the benefits he could experience

I’m so upset

totally deflated

maybe he didn’t trust me enough

maybe he thought I wasn’t good enough

I really doubt myself right now

I feel bad about myself

I feel rejected

no one seems to want to buy from me

I’m really sad

they don’t appreciate me or my services

I’m devastated

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong

I’m confused

I don’t know what to do

I’m so dishearten

I’m so disappointed

Disappointed on the outcome

disappointed on me

I can’t seem to be able to stop feeling upset

maybe I should just stop talking to prospects

it’s all too much

I have to hear so many nos

I’m losing my self confidence

Maybe I just can’t do it

I’m not cut for this

I don’t know how to sell

I’m upset and I just feel like giving up

these feelings of helplessness

I don’t want to have them any more

so I choose to now release and let them go

I release and let them go

I let them go

I let go of fear of selling

I let go of getting upset

I let go of being dishearten

I let go of disappointment

I Let go of helplessness

I let go of confusion

I let go of sadness

I let go of feeling bad about myself

I let go my lack of self esteem

I let go my lack of self confidence

I let go of rejection

I release and let go

I release and let go of all that

Here you can stop, take a deep breath and release it slowly. Check to see what has come up for you during this round. Are there any additions memories that came to the surface? Any others feelings or wordings that I did not mention till now but sound true to you at this point?

Also check again on the scale from 0 to 10 how strong are the original emotions now compared to the beginning of the round. Has it gone done at all? You can keep on tapping till you bring these negative emotions down to 0.

Then you can follow with some positive statements like this:

I choose to now see things differently

I choose to be at peace with who I am

I choose to be at peace with the sales process

I choose to start seeing things differently

I choose to start feeling differently

I choose to be free from limitations

I choose to be free from restrictions

I choose not to take other people’s nos personally

I choose to better educate myself on how to sell authentically and successfully

and I choose to do that with confidence

I believe in my skills and talents

I believe in what I offer

I know it’s good enough

It’s more than good enough

I can do it

and it will be fun

helping others with their needs and desires

find what they need and provide it to them

based on my expertise

I can do it

and it’s fun to do so

Check again from 0 to 10 how strong are still your emotions on the statements “A prospect said “no” to me ”. Is this still upsetting? Keep tapping few more rounds till you bring that down to 0.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and you share it with your friends and contacts.


This is Konstadina Sadoriniou

Till next time

be empowered and stay motivated



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