Dreamcatcher Light Codes

an intuitive reading and sacred codes

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I’ve been having a strong attraction to dreamcatchers for awhile and knew there was something I had to do with them, but didn’t know what exactly, till I brought forth some valuable insights through an Akashic records reading I did.


So in this brand new service inspired by Spirit, I will create a digital dreamcatcher for you.


This dreamcatcher will carry codes which will catch your specific dreams & wishes, desires you want to manifest and activate them, and infuse them with Divine Light to supercharge them and make them a reality.


The light codes in this energetic grid will also carry the task to transmute, transcend , dissolve any obstacle that stands in your way to manifest those dreams.

Also added in the codes will be the element of strengthening your ability to make this possible.

This is an additional manifestation tool for us and you do need to put the effort yourself in both working with the dreamcatcher daily as well as any action needed to be taken in the physical reality to make this happen.

Please also understand that your ‘dreams’ need to be for the highest and greatest good of you and all.

(For example you can not use this to attract a person who is married, if this is your desire. This is not witchcraft.) 


For this service I will connect with your Higher Self and guides  through the opening of your Akashic Records as well as Angels and Ascended Masters connected with manifestation, abundance, protection, sacred light codes and alchemy.



As an additional gift, together with the dreamcatcher digital image I will include an audio Light Language activation for your dreamcatcher.

You will receive:

The digital image of your personalised dreamcatcher light codes ready to print

PLUS :  A Light Language Activation audio

"Wow!!! So Powerful!! With this l feel my whole body glow, vibrate, come alive! Amazing, perfect timing too, lol, as usual, got smoked and felt terrible, l look into these codes and mandala and l feel not only wonderful but like the universe is literally in palm! I feel like l can feel the connection to my Angels and Masters and the colors of the rays and at the same time, l also feel this is a gateway l can work with. Wow Dina, l can see why you are excited! l think you have found the perfect format for individual healing and life blueprint, which resets the body to exactly the optimal frequency, l can feel my face buzzing with the energy. Amazing, thank you, thank you, thank you! "
Debra WebbAustralia
"Oh my gosh I have received this fully my heart is overwhelmed with emotions and my stomach warmed up with a beautiful soft heat and I went into a instant instinct to draw the energies down each finger while listening to you, my hand was vibrating, wow I can not believe how much this represents me, every colour you used they are my colours and the mandala in the centre this is truly beautiful and also represents me so much, I can’t believe how much I am crying right now just thank you looking forward to continuing to connect daily with my abundance codes. I love you my beautiful friend "
Kathleen PearceAustralia
"Wow I love my reading!!!! When I looked at the activation photo, I immediately felt my “old self” being pulled away..like a new version of me was revealed. I love how you mentioned that I am a decoder...and that I can see beyond the 3D existence. I know this will help me elevate my sessions with others. Your work is very powerful, thank you!!! "
Michelle HillUSA
Upon receiving this service, immediately reminded me of my light, my beauty, strength, BEING of love that exist in all of me, selflove acceptance of all of me I COULD KEEP GOING WITH all the assistance this has brought to my existence. So grateful for your services and presence!!
Coty WilliamsUSA






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