How to deal with fear of creating videos

In today’s blog post I’m sharing with you the recording of a live Blab I did with Chris M. Sprague  Founder / CEO of Video Content Agency and Executive Director and Producer of VCN TV on the topic of having fear in creating video, being on video which is closely related to fear of public speaking.

Besides talking about the mindset issues involved in committing to create videos we also talk with personal examples about what we are really losing from not making videos, what makes a good video, how a video can go viral, video content, video creation, video presence and more.

Either you have been thinking of making your own videos or  not or wanting but avoiding it either because the thought overwhelms you due to the technical requires or because of your own fears, you will highly benefit from the practical tips given in this conversation.



Let me know what you think.  If you are a business owner, what’s stopping you from making videos to showcase your expertise and attract more clients and sales.





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