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I AM Presence Mini - Akashic Records Reading


  • The Cosmic / Universal Name of your I AM Presence / Higher Self - written & the audio sound of it (closest to the human experience)
  • The interpretation of the name in terms of what is the vibration that the name holds (a dominant quality of Self)
  • A special sacred code to activate the frequencies of that name in your life.
  • With a channeled audio Light Language Transmission.
  • A video which combines the Animation of the Sacred Code combined with the audio of the Cosmic Name & Light Language Activation.

What Other People Are Saying About Konstadina's Work

"Wow, wow ,wow I have tears of happiness and I am trying not to cry this is the most beautiful and peaceful feeling I have felt, I received a beautiful read on My Cosmic name and my heart feels so much love, my crown and third eye are tingling, I feel overwhelmed in a magical way, I don’t know how to thank you other than my soul loves what you have given me … I am crying with joy thank you Dina"
Kathleen Pearce, AAustralia
" Thank you so much. Very touched by it. By reading the name silently in my self i felted directly a recognizion. When i hearded the light language i felted a very warm feeling inside my heart and felted a expansion off my beingness. While i opened the lightcode i was straight zoomed into a innerspace and felted very safe and protected. Muchos gracias. Dina for your pure soul work. I am so thankful for getting my whole cosmic name again. Much love and warm greetings Lotje"
Lotje Vromans, Netherlands
" Thank you so much. When I heard my cosmic name i felt also the energy around me. I 'm very pleased with it. It came also at the right time, because this is what I just needed right now. To remember who I am and not to doubt on myself anymore. Thank you, you are blessed with an incredible gift."
Inge De Smedt, Belgium

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