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How the Universe knows YOU energetically

In this Highly Intuitive Reading you will receive:

 If you have an interest or goal to connect & unite with you I AM Presence, this is a “divine tool” I was guided to offer to assist you towards achieving or coming closer to this experience.

This unique insight to who you are in your true form and essence could be life changing and highly transformational.

What is the I AM Presence?

In the World of Light, we are all One and at the same time, we are all separate with our own unique individuality.  As light and energy has one form and one sense in your world but manifests with individualised expressions, there is a similar concept in our world from this side of the Veil.  We are all Beings of Light, however, we all have our unique form so to speak, our unique presence.

This is what you are partly perceiving through your clairvoyant eye. What you are perceiving is the Perfect Reflection of the Soul in its present incarnation with all of its pieces which might not be present in the physical form yet. It is the complete form of pure essence that has come forth from the I AM Presence.  It has no form or shape in the human terms and it is the perfect and harmonious combination of divine colours, divine fragrance, divine shapes and symbols, divine methods and attributes, divine sounds and synchronicities.  It is not so easy to depict in human means as yet or it requires sophisticated technological tools, but the time will come when this can also be eventually achieved if necessary.

Why know your Cosmic / Universal Name?

In the world of Spirit every being is known by a name, a name that represents and reflects who you are in your essence and also shows the soul family you come from.  It is like an identity profile in essence and the vibration it carries tells a lot more about your soul than the actual words.  Knowing you name and hearing as well as repeating it re-awakes your true innermost essence of that which you are and re-awakening means, re-activating those attributes and state of beingness.

In essence the knowledge and awareness of all aspects of your Higher Self / I AM Presence  are now becoming available to you as an additional tool in your human evolution not only spiritual but also physically as this will have a direct impact on your physical and non-physical DNA.  In addition this information will also be carrying the appropriate energetic realignments, adjustments and vibrations necessary for practical activation of the process of evolution to the extent that the individual is ready for and willing to practice.

 This is not only a way towards enlightenment, spiritual awakening and ascension. It is a way towards experiencing our full divinity, our full beingness, or full co-creation and manifestation powers, our full abundance and true heaven on earth.


What is a Sacred Code?

Sacred refers to that which is holy, from Spirit / Source / God and of high frequency and vibration, that which comes from the LIGHT.

A Code has to do with encrypted information through words, written or spoken, image, sound, movement / gesture, and holds specific intent for its existence and a specific purpose.

So a Sacred Code is encrypted information from the LIGHT.  In the same way that we use the expression “Light Language” which can be seen as encoded communication ( beyond known human languages)  that comes from the Light.  True Light Language transmissions hold high vibration with the purest of intents.

It can be expressed  through a drawing, written Light Language, spoken Light Language, or hand & body movement. 

What is Light Language?

In particular Light Language is  multi dimensional form of either verbal or written form which transcends known human language. It can be expressed through  spoken word, singing, hand  or body movement or written symbols. 

Light Language brings forth higher dimensional frequencies from Source / Higher Consciousness, that ‘speak’ directly to the DNA and energy field, finding a resonance that balances you in profound and practical levels. While your mind may not understand the ‘words,’ your subtle bodies understand the support and healing that the Language of Light offers.

Light language  bypasses the human mind, personal judgement and beliefs and can have direct access to the  subconscious, can be deeply experienced by the emotional body as well as the physical body in a way that it is beneficial and uplifting to a person’s personal & spiritual evolution. 

Light language can have direct connection with and impact on the Light Body, the Energy Field / Divine Matrix and holds the potential to release energetic blockages,  bring emotional, physical, mental healing, activate DNA and the pineal gland, access your innate wisdom and initiate Ascension. 


Hello my dear friend! First – Thank you so much for this opportunity to receive the sacred reading of my Broader Self. It is completely on target. It is wonderful to have you share your talents with others. I’m sure with more meditation and work – I could access this information myself – however – at present I am unable, and having you assist me confirms that I am on track! As I spoke earlier with you – it was somehow important to know my Universal name. Now I can see it… and feel it… and now know it. The significance of the energies describes me to a ‘tee’. How wonderful it felt to read it! And then…. I moved to the drawings…. I am assuming the first one is of my higher self. (“The colors of the higher self”) The second drawing is the sound or vibration of my sacred symbol. Both brought tears to my eyes… I have no words to describe the overwhelming emotions in holding them and looking at them. I do know that I kept repeating the word “YES”!!! I will be meditating with my pictures….I can already close my eyes and see them clearly – just minutes after having received them! Thank you for the enlightenment. (and thank you to MY guides for bringing me to you!) Hugs and love to you!
Jo Schwartz, KS, USA


  • Find your unique individuality, the blueprint your carry and the potential that you hold;
  • Have tools that can assist you towards becoming all that you can become;
  • Increase your light, your wellbeing, your happiness and your abundance;
  • Find a way to increase love, wisdom and personal power in your life;
  • Find what special qualities you can and the Sacred Tribe you belong to;
  • Be empowered and gain greater belief in yourself and what you can achieve;
  • Become the co-creator you were meant to be;
  • Remove all negativity and reach the stage of ascension when in human body;
  • Be able to experience and share more love, greater fulfilment and completion;
  • Gain insights as to who you are, where you have come from, what you have brought forth as spirit.

 Order to receive this information which The Beings of Light have given us the opportunity to access now.

Konstadina connects with the Universal Library, the individualized Akashic Records and a person’s Higher Self to gain access and receive this information for you, with your permission.

This reading is for you If:

  •  You are spiritually inclined and believe in the power of channeled information through the Akashic Records, your Higher Self and Guides
  • You want insights to the essence of who you are to discover your beauty, your power and your potential
  • You are ready to move forward faster towards creating a life of higher standards
  • Claim back your personal power and become a co-creator
  • You are ready to commit towards using this information towards achieve positive change in your life
  • Are ready to step up and become all that you can become as per your blueprint
Hi Konstadina, Thanks so much for the drawings, info and clarification on soul color! They say a picture is worth a thousand words, in this case, it is also worth a thousand immense feelings of love, gratitude, awe, self knowing, peace and happiness. Discovering my soul’s name, colors and purpose really resonated with me and I can’t thank you enough for sharing your gifts and talents with those of us who are seeking spiritual truth, growth and knowledge. Peace & Love,
Lisa Hensel, MS, USA
Wow, wow ,wow I have tears of happiness and I am trying not to cry this is the most beautiful and peaceful feeling I have felt, I received a beautiful read on My Cosmic name and my heart feels so much love, my crown and third eye are tingling, I feel overwhelmed in a magical way, I don’t know how to thank you other than my soul loves what you have given me … I am crying with joy thank you Dina
Kathleen Pearce, Australia
Thank you so much. Very touched by it. By reading the name silently in my self i felted directly a recognizion. When i hearded the light language i felted a very warm feeling inside my heart and felted a expansion off my beingness. While i opened the lightcode i was straight zoomed into a innerspace and felted very safe and protected. Muchos gracias. Dina for your pure soul work. I am so thankful for getting my whole cosmic name again. Much love and warm greetings Lotje
Lotje Vromans, Holland
Thank you so much. When I heard my cosmic name i felt also the energy around me. I 'm very pleased with it. It came also at the right time, because this is what I just needed right now. To remember who I am and not to doubt on myself anymore. Thank you, you are blessed with an incredible gift.
Inge De Smedt, Belgium
I received a Cosmic name reading from Dina. As soon as I heard you speak my name I had instant body recognition- kundalini energy causing involunatry movements from my pelvis and tingly rush of energy through my body with tears streaming.. intense recognition that also brought up something of grief and sadness transmuting (which is part of the essence of my cosmic name!) This is powerful Dina thank you so so much! I will continue to listen and work with it as I am guided..
Kirsty Pepper, United Kingdom


In this reading your will receive the following:


a The Cosmic / Universal Name of your I AM Presence / Higher Self - written & the audio sound of it (closest to the human experience)

a The interpretation of the name in terms of what is the vibration that the name holds (a dominant quality of Self)

aA special sacred code to activate the frequencies of that name in your life.

a With a channeled audio Light Language Transmission.

a A video which combines the Animation of the Sacred Code combined with the audio of the Cosmic Name & Light Language Activation.


All I need from you is

your full name

date of  birth

and place of birth.

(please email me this info after checkout) 


This Reading will be delivered to you electronically

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