Release blocks & open to greater Abundance & Well-being


An 8- part Healing Session to upgrade the frequencies of your chakras to 5D

using the very potent Energy Modality




using 10 energy healing modalities in 1

  • Do you feel as if there is something that is stopping you move forward?
  • Do you think that there is something blocking your way?
  • Do you feel that no matter how much you try you can't get what you desire?
  • Are you unable to manifest wealth, or health or true love?
  • Do you sense that you can't fulfil your dreams and desires?

If you have answered "YES" to any of the above then you most likely have inner blocks that stop you from achieving your abundance

Here are some of the type of blocks that are lodged as negative energetic imprints into your Matrix / Energy Field and specifically your chakras.

--> Limiting beliefs about money, relationships and about self.

--> Past trauma and negative experiences that created fear, lack, limitations and negative emotions.

--> Hereditary imprints from your ancestors  as ancestral / family karma. 

--> Life lessons we chose to learn on a soul level.

There are no negative side effects from experiencing this technique and the “healer” mainly plays the role of the facilitator (the word healer is used with the understanding that he / she is the one who is able to create the right space for someone to heal himself / herself).

Konstadina is the originator of this Technique and has been used with impressive results since 2005. 

With the guidance of Archangels and Ascended Masters I created the Holistic Vibrational Technique ™ and we will be using it to clear any blocks of abundance from your chakras.

Every week we will be working on one chakra.

In this technique I combine 10 different healing modalities simultaneously within one session and the experience has been quite powerful.

If each one of these techniques can bring so many benefits individually, imagine what they can do if they are combined!


So during a session of Holistic Vibrational Technique ™ we begin by energetically and mentally preparing your body and soul to consciously and subconsciously accept the healing.

Then we work on clearing the vows you have given to yourself and / or others through out your many incarnations and do not serve your highest and greatest good any more.  We work on specific major ones which are locked in your chakra system and most likely deprive you from feeling and expressing your inner power of creation and manifestation and stop your progress and development.

In addition we imprint new statements of our conscious wish and desire related to each energy centre to develop an energy system that brings us closer to our Higher Self and so to a more fulfilling life.


  In the next step I bring together 10 healing modalities to work on each of the main 7 chakras of the body.

  • I use the energies of the Violet Flame, the Rays, the Archangels, Ascended Masters and the Elohims;
  • I use the energies of colours;
  • I use the energy of essential oils;
  • I use the energy of crystals;
  • I use the energies of healing sound;
  • I use the energy and power of the positive statements;
  • I use sacred codes to strengthen the core of your chakras;
  • I use Light Language Activations for each chakra.

I have experimented with this technique both when a person is physically present and through phone sessions and the amazing thing is that in both cases the experience has been powerful and unique and highly beneficial for the recipient – as per the many testimonials I have received.

During a session of Holistic Vibrations Technique we also work on clearing the “etheric cords” and "etheric daggers".


Removing "etheric cords".

Whenever we have relationships involving fear of any kind, we form an unhealthy attachment to one another.  These forms of dysfunction are also known as “etheric cords”, and they look like surgical tubes attached from one person to another or from one person to objects or even to addictions.  They create a conduit for energy to run between two people.  These etheric cords can drain energy from a person without hers/his conscious awareness.  It can also transfer negative energy causing even physical pain that doesn’t seem to have any medical cause.  In addition to physical pain, the etheric cords can be the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome and healer’s burnout.

The longer and stronger the relationship the larger and stronger is the cord, running the most energy back and forth.  Many people with chronic shoulder, neck, and back pain have large cords in these areas that are the true culprits.  Strong cords usually are created between family members and between “helpers” and “helpees”.

With the technique of “Cutting the Etheric Cords” a person who is willing to let go and forgive is able to free the self from all the negative aspects associated with the etheric cords.

 Removing the “etheric daggers”.

When someone gets angry with us, knowingly or unknowingly is sending us negative energy.  Intense anger energy can manifest etherically into “psychic attacks” which can be seen as etheric daggers, arrows, knifes and other pointed objects pierced into our etheric body usually at the back.

These can actually cause us even physical pain.  This can also happen when we curse our self or get angry with our own self.  The power of forgiveness and of letting go is needed to be freed from these etheric daggers.



Success Stories

"Eternally grateful! This is a profound work"

Darlene F Talavera, USA

""A troubled situation healed!"

Patricia Horan, N. Carolina, USA

"This was very powerful and I could really feel both the release and cancellation both also the new energies and beliefs. This took me in quite a trance, the last part I almost didn’t stay awake but my soul was following along. There were also visions along with the clearing, definitely there was clearing going on.  Feel so good right now, thank you so much ❤️"

Anders Ehlers Birk-Trojahn, Denmark

"You helped me heal an event around my parents and their loveless marriage.  I feel greater understanding and forgiveness rather than the disgust I felt at the beginning of this healing. Thank you. I feel much calmer now."

Lola Singer, Washington DC, USA


"I have had loads of pain in the lower back for some time... that pain is not there anymore . and feel like I have no worry , no more fear of past traumas.. More space for more beautiful memories..  SO grateful, so freeing.. Ty"

Linda Barnes, USA

"I feel it helped release a lot around my mother letting me know that I wasn't wanted. Feel very calm and relaxed!"

Sena Graves Sobek, Indiana, USA


"Thank you sooo much!!!!! I actually felt physical pain at the beginning in my heart chakra! Now it feels sort of numbed....!"

Frances Maria Chadwell


"This was a gentle but powerful healing.  I feel more at peace now with the pain. YESSSS crying was such a needed releasing for me today. This was DIVINELY timed. These 2 months are so crucial and you are doing such an amazing job of being a leader.

Much love to you ❤️ and many many thanks too!"

Shalini Bhattacharya, India

"Recently I happened upon one of Dina's live Akashic group clearings, Her gentle tone and distinct connection allowed me to sit through the entire session. It was upon completion I realized the feeling of the world being lifted from my shoulders. I felt a feeling of being completed free from stress and obligations. It was the shift of a lifetime. Thank you Dina for your compassion and service!"

-PKLoffreda, CO, USA

"Your seminar of the Matrix Regeneration Technique was a true revelation for me. Going in deep to subconscious mind to find the issue influenced the present life with the same obstacles over and over again and the technique allowing to clear and recovering with new positive imprints is amazing!! I appreciate very much the knowledge and practice shared by you, Dina!"

Tania Staneva, Sofia, Bulgaria

"Thank you for this session! It has helped in so many ways. The focus was my connection to my autistic son. The day after the session was a GREAT GREAT DAY! with many synchronicities! The amazing thing was that we were able to swim together with my son for the first time in 3 years!! Namaste"

Serina Olsen, USA

"Working on the water element and my relationship with it has been useful. With Dina and I we succeeded to evolve my feeling and what is water to me. Our work during a matrix regeneration and the techniques she used have been awesome. Thank you again my dear"

Maxime Millaud, France

"That was intense! I feel tired like after I’ve had a big long cry. I was coughing and twisting - like I’ve been possessed and what was holding me and keeping me in that space. Intense clearing! I felt each part clearing,cancellation, new templates. Beautiful!
The codes are amazing and working with the rays made them work stronger and work better. The new positive imprints has already kicked in and I can feel them all still working through my body.Thank you for your gift. You did an amazing job holding us all.
Thank you very much!!"

Lesley Badelles, Perth, Australia

"Wow that was really intense! Lots of intestinal knots were released that I didn’t even know were there! Thank you so very much!"

Lisa Haines Getter, Michigan, USA

"Yes I feel a lot more peace and a pressure on the heart has now gone! I feel a lot of energy flowing again. Thank you so much Dina"

Mo Ruid, Costa Rica

"My Inner child is very happy Now! Thank you so much!"

Valeria Bruno, Italy

"Felt intense energy during the release n feeling lighter n good!"

Eileen Foo, Singapore

"It felt very strong and could see my DNA at some point. I saw things shattered from there."

Ineke Hemminga, The Netherlands

"I followed along and my heart is overflowing---so much peace.TY this has opened up so much for me <3"

Helen Umlah

"Very palpable energy, coughing, crying, sobbing, releasing. That was amazing. I will try this with other situations. THANK YOU! Much Love and Thank YOU"

Michelle Wampler Yuro, Indiana USA

"The healings sessions have helped me into a new and much more grounded state of balance and inner strength. I feel calmer, more secure in the world than before, as if I have been cleaning some old programming of fear and doubt out of my system.
I find it easier to open up my 3rd eye and to see more clearly as well as enhancing my discernment ❤ I find it easier to stay in my inner light without needing the outer approval, as before. Thank you so much for these profound healings-sessions where the different healing modalities so beautilly compliment and enhance each other ❤ I can definitally recommend this ❤ Lots of love and blessings to you, and thank you once again ❤"

Gabriella Jørgensen, Denmark

"Thank you Dina for offering this live healing group session using the Matrix Regeneration Technique! I listened to the replay and am so grateful that you are sharing the replay on your page for a limited time. The session was very powerful and transformational for me on so many levels. I was able to shift something on a deep level that I had been working on for some time and by using this process, I believe I have completely rewritten my codes, which is absolutely amazing. I feel much better, much lighter and more expansive. I feel the energy channels within my body completely open now, where previously the energy had been blocked and stuck. Honestly, it's amazing! I feel completely different in my body! And I know that this is just the beginning! For anyone who has never received a session from Dina, I highly recommend her work! She is amazing! Check out the replay of this live session soon and then book a one-on-one session with her to experience an even more profound healing experience. Thank you Dina! Much Love, Gratitude and Blessings to you dear one! "

Marla Kaya, Turkey

"The Healing you just did was powerful! I just wanted to say I could feel very powerful intense energy, it almost felt liquid. Like being in water. Wow!  I was having a hard time not expanding the energy, sort of afraid to make like ripples. Never felt anything like it.

I surprisingly cleared an emotion I never realised I had been holding: about being worthy or good enough. My Mother had tuberculosis and was forced into isolation, so I was shipped between relatives.  I didn't realise I felt abandoned by both parents and not good enough to stay with just one relative. I was shocked for having felt this, but thankful to be able to understand the block, forgive and clear it with this session. Wow! Thank you!

I had my energy change confirmed by a friend too. She said my energy felt different and that she believes I shifted something very old. Confirmation!

I think I really needed your healing, I feel really good, calm. With so much around me, I can often feel -hard to explain - scattered, agitated, exhausted... I admit I was surprised to feel light and wonderful after your healing. Honestly I was surprised how powerful this was!

Amazing! Would love to know exactly what you were working with as I have never felt anything like this! Definitely a wonderful, amazing gift you have of healing.

I feel so blessed to have experienced this, it was truly exceptional."

Debra Webb, Australia

"Hello, Dina

I want to thank you for the time we were together on the Matrix Regeneration Technique Course.

This is one of the most fulfilling and enriching experiences I have ever had.

Very affordable practice that is easy to apply and has a pretty strong effect.

The cleansing occurred quite strongly on my physical level. Prior to the course, I was very worried about any change in my life.

Now I feel more relaxed and well-balanced. Thank you for your responsiveness. The ease with which you work greatly impressed me.

Everything was explained well and practice reinforced the lessons learned. I'm glad I was able to attend your seminar.

I expect our next meetings.


Tanya Borisova, Sofia, Bulgaria

I thank my New teacher: Dina Sadoriniou

For the precious instrument – the Matrix Regeneration Technique

During my Path of 15 years related to personality development and self-discovery by the different disciplines: astrology, human design, numerology, by energy methods – Akashic records, Mahatma, Teate Reiki, by Dina, I reached whatever is necessary for me in order to make my entire work until this moment complete.

How did this method reach me?

I took an intuitive decision for participation regarding Dina’s invitation for the education; it was enough for me to read that there is going to be work on the sacred codes and geometry. It has been almost two years since I keep receiving guidance by arch. Methatrone and I work with the sacred geometry figures… Thus, I fulfilled a task given to me from above…, and Dina was the person, who gave me the method…

What is the feeling of working with the technique?

Since the first session conducted during the education, I felt the strong presence of the Golden Light, which filled my aura. A feeling of calmness, love, harmony.

This is the same feeling experienced by the people to whom I apply the method on; they all feel relaxed, capable of Here and Now, harmony and Love.

What is the result?

Personally for me, this technique healed a painful relationship in my life with a member of my family.

I still feel the impact of the method on me.

I use the technique during work with people, because it gives a completion to my work: as an astrologist, I see the problem of a person, I tell them what is the path and how it can be corrected, but there is more time necessary for this. By the method of Dina, the problem can be solved on energetic level by removal of the blockages in the structures. The Energy of the Light and Love, which comes by the technique, is so strong that the fears in people disappear and in such a state they see properly the situation that needs a correction.

With this technique “the reason” for one experience or another in our lives, such as: strong fears, phobias, disagreements with the loved ones, separations, divorces, painful emotional traumas, etc., can be corrected.

With this technique the problem can be “healed”. This happens by realizing the reason, taking personal responsibility of what is happening, forgiveness, love to oneself, and this whole set rearranges the energy Matrix…

By healing the past, we create a New, different and better future for us, for the children of our love ones, for everybody downstream…

Regarding my personal attitude to the method: I work with it as with something, which is very familiar, I feel lightness and confidence during my work with it…

Dina, endless Thanks!!!

Nina Nenova, Sofia, Bulgaria

"Along these lines, I would like to show my gratitude to Dina, who conducted a seminar for practitioners in Sofia – Matrix Regeneration Technique ™. In the future, many people will definitely need an opinion and information whether they should take this step; that is why I decided to express my opinion helping everyone who needs to develop spiritually.

The first thing, that made an impression on me, was that due to some “strange” circumstances all of those, who attended it, were brought there by their intuition /no matter if it has been a dream, channeling or something else/! The second impressive thing was that all of those, who attended it, have needed for a long time particularly a technique, which can unify and raise to a higher level their own experience! I have stopped wondering long ago about things happening in an inexplicable way, but I continue feeling inspiration when I see such stuff! At this seminar with Dina, the things were predefined not by the human expectation, but by another, more perfect place!

Now for the seminar in particular – Dina is foremost a wonderful, pure and good person and this is streaming from her, there is no way not to feel it – I think that this is the first requirement if somebody decides to go in this direction! Dina presented the things accurately, clearly, in short, without anything unnecessary, this is what I liked the most.

About Dina it was all specific and accurate! The technique in particular – for me personally, turned out to be exactly the missing piece of the puzzle, the important instrument, which was necessary for me in order to gain my experience in a compact, effective and useful way.

And here exactly comes my biggest gratitude to Dina – gratitude, which I send on the behalf of my clients, too, who experience a real transformation and I am satisfied! And one more thing – the technique of Dina is not only an instrument, which we could work and help the needy ones with. It is something much more; it changes us, our energies, our emission…

This can be felt very strongly, too, apart from my own feelings regarding the new vibration in me, my clients also felt this and they multiplied drastically – eh, after all that, what more can I say, other than the only thing that matters – THANK YOU, DINA!"

Katya KyuchukovaNLP therapist, hypnotherapy, regression

Sofia, Bulgaria

"During the first session I was able to gain a greater insight and understanding about the lesson behind my feelings of guilt about becoming wealthy and abundant and it has to do with learning to accept that everyone is on their own path - it is important for me to honour that, especially when I see someone in what I consider to be lacking in (esp.) wealth.

After the second session I'm noticing that I now am able to let go of worrying - sense of lack, fear over attracting money and abundance. The gift I see from the inability to receive, accept and feel worthy of financial prosperity and abundance is that not only am I working in this life to set and keep my own boundaries but it is very important for me to see, honour and respect other's boundaries.  In other words, just because I can see where a person could be, does not mean that I have to march in and make this happen.

The next session was wonderful - I feel a sense of freedom, excitement and perhaps a little nervousness (in a good way). I am smiling more that I have for a long time - I do not feel stuck. It's been over a week now since my sessions - I am still using the affirmation from time to time.  Overall I am aware of a wonderful shift in my being.   I am still very busy with my work and my business development but, I have really noticed a joy in what I am doing, there is a definite relaxation into doing what I love to do.

On review of the process and journey I have been on since starting this work with you, I am aware of the positivity that I seem to have harnessed.  I know that all of my needs are looked after and I am worthy and accept wealth and opportunity... In fact, there seems to be so much opportunity bubbling up for me right now that I have booked the morning off for myself tomorrow just to plan and strategize."

Much Love,

Moira Hutchison CTACC  DHP Acc.Hyp.

Wellness Practitioner, Ottawa, Canada


"Konstadina for me is incredibly professional, whose efficient and adequate work in less than an hour was able to analyse the problem, to look into it, to define and transform it, through its extensive accomplishment.

And not only that, but give me a starting point and the perspective, from which to build and enrich my personality! Konstadina, THANK YOU for what you share with love, dedication and creativity; for your experience, talent and wisdom!"

Milena Lekova,  Workshop Facilitator


"I felt a connection with Konstadina. She was lovely. Again in the 2nd session she took plenty of time explaining to me the process. She has a peaceful, beautiful voice and I felt quite blessed by her. I felt that she was very caring and that she "saw" me and had a true desire to help me. After the session I was quite pleased, uplifted and looking forward to continuing the sessions.

I felt a sense of relief from old negativity when she was through. This session was so amazing, and so uplifting.

In the days following the session, I have noticed that I AM valuing myself more. Definitely I feel an increase in how I treat, value and respect myself. I have a free-er sense about me now. I have a deeper sense that all will workout and I have been more peaceful and assured that I am valuable. I feel that a major shift did occur. I feel more stable and secure within myself. I feel more sure of my value.

I know this work was and is so vital to me. Thank you Konstadina! I am most grateful to you for your work.

Blessings to you"

Angela Travers,Entrepreneur
San Diego, California, United States



"Konstadina's  sessions provided a welcomed releasing space, which specifically helped me go into a clearer direction in terms of focusing on my dreams going forward."

Reena Gagneja BA (Hons), H-hp Dip, CMA
Certified Spiritual Life Coach,   United Kingdon

 "We decided to work on the subject of 'feeling comfortable in personal relationships and being able to experience closeness'.

During the sessions I felt relaxed and quiet inside (which is something I haven't felt very often).  

During the following few days, I felt a kind of softness towards others that wasn't there before. It was like I had this big balloon of warmth in front of me. This really felt good and contacts benefited from this. Business contacts were even better, and in the few private contacts I had there were some heart-to-heart connections, which I really enjoyed.

Yes, there is still room for improvement, so I need to think about the affirmation more. My affirmation is: I now feel comfortable in my relationships and I am being able to connect."

Brigitte van Lent,  Coach

Neerpelt, Belgium

"Hello Konstadina,

I know it's been a while now but I needed to get back to you to thank you again for the healing session as it helped me to fully embrace all the neglect, pain and suffering in my life. I would say the healing has allowed for my soul to feel strong and uplifted. You are definitely a spirit full of amazing light. I am so thankful to have met you Konstadina. Thank you for the work you do!

Many blessings,"

Maria Cruz, Healer


"Thank you Konstadina for the beautiful moments of healing, inspiration and confidence. The three hours that we had together helped me immensely for my physical and emotional freedom, and for my spiritual growth. Burdened by daily cares and by aggravated family relations, I had amassed in my aura and in my body negative energies which manifested in my life as sadness, regret, anger, disappointment and dissatisfaction. One easily forgets that one is the creator of one's life through one's thoughts and emotions.

In my first meeting with Konstadina she helped me release the pain, sadness and the negative effects of people's opinions on me. She removed them from me as if with a magic wand in just one session. The result was healing and lightness.

In the second session Konstadina managed through the Divine codes to reactivate in me the Divine inspiration and my creative powers.

In the third meeting she helped me to regain my confidence in my own strength, in the great range of possibilities for self-expression and self-realization. She read with ease important elements of my Akashic records in terms of aims, possibilities and intentions of my soul in this earthly incarnation. A hearty thank you, Konstadina.

The meetings with you left a deep trace and intensified the feeling of harmony, fulfillment and connection to all spheres of my life. The excitement and the inspiration woke up again in me full power! Thank you and see you soon!"

Stefka Todorova, business owner, Sofia, Bulgaria

"The first few days after the sessions I felt no major changes but after the 6th day things began  to change.  I never hold thoughts about wealth, no more fears about not having enough etc, what I do think about and I do focus on is sending healing to the world everyday; every morning I visualise the earth wrapped in healing light from me, sending love and harmony to all those in need.. 

Since then I have felt so much better! Things have started to change!! My mother in law had to go into a residential home after her older son decided to do this, and although we have not been happy her going, since I've visited her I've met so many elderly people  who I feel are sort of attracted to me when I visit them.

They come to me and hold my hands and hug me, its as though they are getting a sense of healing from me. WOW it feels e great.  This is a positive for me, the more I think of other people and send them healing I seem to get quite a lot back.

I've won money a couple of times and its as though something is telling me to continue this and the dark shadow from the past will disappear. I'm just concentrating on setting up a small business where I can visit people at home to give reiki and I know and believe this is going to happen sooner rather than late.

I feel great.  Thank you Konstadina."

Champa Mistry,

Reiki Master

Loughborough, United Kingdom

"For months I had been as if in a lift that would not take off. In Dina's [Konstadina's] visit to Sofia,  I saw an outstretched hand, a life jacket that was handed to me. This was a chance to heal that part of myself which was running in circles and was repeating old patterns. Dina helped me to get an insight into the spiritual aspects of my choices in this field. I felt as a seven string instrument, perfectly attuned. A great wave of love and compassion filled me, raised me, expanded me.
Thank you Dina! I love you!"

Petya Dimitrova, Healer

"Hi Konstadina,
I really enjoyed our session together and feel much better and able to meet the challenges of a heavy debt load. It came to me that I had stopped recording my expenditures and thus, I would never realize when I had overspent. Only a minor detail as I always used to be so facetious in recording everything!

I was also asked to help with a course and it was great to record the registration and sale of books and CD's for the trainer in exchange for attending his class free of charge.

I realized that I have been given a great deal of gifts and need to use them rather than pack them away for future use - use them or lose them!

It took someone from the UK to open my eyes to the beauty around me and set me on the right track - Thank you!"

Gail Tayyam,

"Hello, Dina!

It is unique what you taught us. I finally understood why I accomplish everything in my life with a lot of hard work, why I am so different, why I have affinity to so much stuff, but I do not have enough courage to do them. A huge THANK YOU, YOU TRANSFORMED MY LIFE!

The moment I came back from Sofia, I started working at full steam on myself and on friends. They were all very surprised the way this technique works, including me!

"Dina is unique; she is what I have been looking for in a teacher – purity, honesty, dedication, professionalism and love. All of this is flowing from her. The practice is amazing, I have always knew, deep in myself, that the past lives are somehow connected to the present, I have been wandering long years and I have been searching. Here in Stara Zagora I have caught my acquaintances and friends thinking at times that I am nuts. Thanks to Dina, I proved that I am right. Thank you, Dina! You are a wonderful person, soul and light and I am ready to follow you! Thank you!

Dina, you are an amazing teacher and person and I thank you that you taught me this healing method, it is unique and I believe that I will have the opportunity to help many people. I wish I have many more courses with you! You are an amazing person and a dedicated teacher, something, which is a huge rarity in Bulgaria!

It is honor for me to be your student!

Greetings from Stara Zagora,

With respect,"

Boryana Koleva, Sofia, Bulgaria

"This session brought my entire being to be deeply moved.  To be more flexible. To connect to my own feelings. During the session I felt some very strong heating and the presence of Beings of Light. It was just like something flew out of my head, let’s say that I became lighter and I was lighter after the session.

Today, two days later, I can say that I feel more clearly whenever I am hungry, whenever I am tired – these feelings emerge clearly, even though I am serving my patients during this time. I know that everything is going to be in a better balance after that. 

Thank you so much, Dina, for the sacred space, which you created, so that this healing can happen and the energies in me can be more balanced and run smoothly.

I will write a few words about the seminar – I liked it a lot that we are not only defining the models, but with the help of the Beings of Light and thanks to the sacred codes, we can also change the matrix. The models, which led us from one life to another, can be transformed, changed. Everything in the method is systemized a lot and in good order.

I have had the opportunity to have 4-5 sessions more with my clients this week – they are all unanimous that the method works. Some of them have never had such visualizations – obviously the codes open them up for some new levels.

Thank you, Dina, that you shared with us this healing method. I hope that there are going to be a lot more seminars conducted by you in Bulgaria. Everything is following its divine rhythm and happens for our greatest weal and good.

Obeisance and gratitude"

Maria Bogdanova, Sofia, Bulgaria

In these sessions you will be able to experience the multiple benefits of

Multiple techniques


  • Release old unhealthy and unwanted vows;
  • Release the negative attributes to your chakras & allow their original attributes to shine;
  • Remove blocks to your abundance and re-imprint new energetic stamps that attract abundance;
  • Remove etheric daggers of anger and envy that cause you physical & emotional pain;
  • Cut off the etheric cords that attach you to others who drain your energy from your being;
  • Experience the healing power channelled through from the 7 Rays, the Archangels, the Elohim and the Ascended Masters;
  • Experience the transformative & uplifting power of sacred codes & Light Language


  • 8 classes on energy blocks & the chakras on video
  • 8 classes on energy blocks & the chakras on audio
  • 8 healing sessions on video
  • 8 healing sessions on audio
  • 7 Light Language Activations on audio
  • 7 Images of the Strengthening of the core of Chakras Sacred codes


  • All of the chakras healing session with Holistic Vibrational Technique in one recording audio

Don't miss out from the experience.

This is for you to download and keep and reuse as many times as you like.


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