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Do business owners need legal support and why and how to choose the right one.

In this week’s show “One Question interviews of Experts” presented through our Positive Change TV my guest expert is Lisa Powers – founder and CEO of Power Law Firm P.C. Lisa is answering the question: “Do business owners need legal support and why and how to choose the right one”. Plus  the 4 mistakes entrepreneurs do in their business.       Watch the interview below:   Lisa mentioned that there is a shift in the mindset of entrepreneurs that needs to take place in connection to the necessity of protecting themselves and their business with legal support and all […]

Can your ideal clients find you? 3 tips

Can your ideal clients find you? 3 tips   You are most likely great in what you do – even if you might not think so. You have mastered your art, developed your skills, educated yourself and got your certifications.  You are talented and you have some or much experience in your chosen field. The question is: are those who are looking to find someone like you, able to find you?  Do you have a visible online or offline presence that others are able to notice? If your ideal clients don’t know who you are, what you can do for […]

Feeling the best kept secret in your industry? 8 ways to change that.

Are you the best kept secret? 8 ways to change that.   You probably have worked and studied long, perhaps you have developed skills and most likely you were born with specific talents. And now you want to use all that in working independently doing what you love and enjoy, make a difference in the world by serving hundreds, even thousands of people (maybe more?) It is extremely possible that you are one of the best professionals in your field.  The problem is no one – yet – knows who you are, no one knows what you do, no one […]

Why you need a Marketing Plan

First of all, if you are an entrepreneur serious about your business, you should already know that without planning, you can’t go far. For a business to grow, the owner needs to know where he /she is at presently, where he / she is heading and what he / she wants to achieve. Without planning we aimlessly head to nowhere and most likely achieve nothing or very little. Marketing is the breath of a business – without it there can be no survival of any business.  So creating a successful marketing plan is pivotal to our business success. If in […]