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Why you need to set goals & how to do it

Why you need to set goals & how to do it  In every aspect of life one needs to know where he’s heading.  Otherwise, time is passing by and we are moving through life aimlessly like a ship without the captain being on the steering wheel, left in the mercy of the waves to throw it here and there. It is the same with our business venture.  If we do not know or we are not clear as to where exactly we are heading; if we don’t know what is that which we seek to achieve, success will elude us. […]

10 reasons why small businesses fail

No one wants to think of failure when they start a business but as per the statistics published by the Small Business Administration (SBA), seven out of ten new employer establishments survive at least two years and 51 percent survive at least five years. So knowing the aspects that make a business fail can help us prevent them for our own business or do something about them. So here 10 reasons why small businesses fail: Lack of clear objectives. It’s important to know why you are in business and if you are for the right reasons. Also the business owner needs to know […]

Why you need a Marketing Plan

First of all, if you are an entrepreneur serious about your business, you should already know that without planning, you can’t go far. For a business to grow, the owner needs to know where he /she is at presently, where he / she is heading and what he / she wants to achieve. Without planning we aimlessly head to nowhere and most likely achieve nothing or very little. Marketing is the breath of a business – without it there can be no survival of any business.  So creating a successful marketing plan is pivotal to our business success. If in […]

3 self sabotaging excuses that stop you from taking action and lose opportunities

  Many times, business people get busy with so many of things, and there are so many things, that have to do with keeping a business alive that they often lose track of the important small things that are so vital to keeping the dream alive. Some popular excuses are “I can’t afford it”, “I don’t have time” and “I have responsibilities at home” and these are all true to some extent but let’s look at how you can view these differently.  I can’t afford it – As with most things, if you don’t spend money it is very difficult […]

Why choose self employment?

We have been brought up in a society that teaches us to go and have a good education so that we can then get a good job. Employment is the normal thing to do when starting a career and rarely does a youngster consider going into business straight after college. So we usually get qualified into something and then we seek relevant employment. After awhile, however, we realise the unpleasant aspects of the whole thing. Long hours working for someone else; Long commuting hours; A bossy boss; Power games amongst employees; Low pay; Doing things that don’t fulfil our soul; […]

Is Marketing sleazy?

  Do you find yourself having dislike towards marketing, promotion and sales? Do you feel uncomfortable every time you feel “you need” to market yourself? Do you deep down feel marketing is bad and if you use it for your business or work people might feel that you are also bad? Well, you are not alone.  I had to go through that and many other entrepreneurs still feel this way, having to face these dilemmas: Do I put myself out there or not? How far should I take my promotion? Should I speak to others about my services or not? […]

A method to release the grip of comfort zones

In my last article I talked about comfort zones and promised to show you an easy method you can use to release the grip of comport zones that hold back your progress. I’m talking about the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT, which uses the ancient Chinese concepts of Acupressure, Acupuncture and the Meridian System. Even though EFT was created something like 25 years back, it is one of the complimentary modalities that has been well researched and documented with high levels of success – both in emotional and physical issues. Although to some people new in this technique it might […]

Why we need to step out from comfort zones

Imagine having walked a certain length around a central point several times. You have walked that same area enough times and made it “your own”. Then you’ve decided that you will put some sort of borders, boundaries to seclude and secure this area and that you do not wish to go outside of it. You have decided to stay within those boundaries, not because you necessarily are completely content within this area – the Zone – but because it feels safe, known and what happens in it is predictable. This might  feel right when you first established this protected circle, […]

How our beliefs can block our progress & success

Our belief system is a set of concepts or ideas that we carry as our truth and govern our thoughts, words and actions.  These beliefs begun to formulate from the moment we were born and have been influenced by our parents, teachers, the society and our own observations and experiences whilst growing up. The beliefs hold, in many ways define us and determine how we express ourselves, how we relate to the world and how we respond to it. Some of these beliefs are part of our conscious awareness and some are not.  However, even those which are not in […]

Learn how to step into the next phase of your professional evolution

Are you tired feeling stuck, unclear, confused and frustrated as to why your business is not moving forward in a way that you would have liked? Have you had enough, not feeling good enough and not earning enough? Learn how to step into the next phase of your professional evolution Join me -Konstadina Sadoriniou – in this free teleseminar on AUGUST 29th at 1:00pm UK time and discover: The all important step-by-step roadmap you need to follow in your business – miss one step and you lose the game. What is the foundation you need to establish first before you […]