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Persevere or give up?

Persevere or give up? Few days back, I came across a fun animation video clip which brought forth few questions that I want to share with you today. How much do I really want something and what am I willing to do to get it? How long should I keep on trying and when should I just give it up? Being able to honestly answer these two questions will allow necessary clarity needed, certain realisation needed, to be used as a platform of the next steps I need to take. Sometimes, we say we want something, we think we want […]

Why and how “know ThySelf” gets you clients and business success

      What does “Know Thy Self” have anything to do with getting clients and business success? “Know Thy Self” is a statement well known and broadly circulated in the world of personal growth. It is not something you often hear in the business world. They tell you learn marketing, learn networking, learn book-keeping, learn all the legal elements of a business. However, they don’t say anything about getting to know “YOU”. I guess there is the presumption that you already know who you are and what you are all about. But do you? Do we? And why on […]

Positive Thinking e-course FREE for a limited time

I have partner with a giant provider of online training UDEMY and through them I’m offering my brand new course: Positive Thinking: Reprogram your mind for positivity In this course you will gain a greater insight of the workings of the mind and what are the obstacles we face in gaining control over it and direct it towards positive more soul enriching thoughts. In addition, it gives you tools that help you identify what’s blocking you personally from being more optimistic as well as ways you can change the patterns of negative thinking to a more positive, constructive and beneficial […]

9 tips on how to remain motivated – even in the hardest of moments

9 tips on how to remain motivated -even in the hardest of moments  Motivation is what keeps us going.  It is the reason people succeed and the reason people fail.  Motivation is the drive someone has to complete a task. For an entrepreneur however, this can be a hard thing to maintain as usually have only the self to rely upon for everything. This is why having a plan to keep motivation in high levels and at all time is important. Here are few things you can do towards building up and maintaining motivation. Set a goal and a deadline […]

5 ways to become more productive

5 ways to become more productive  Do you some times come at the end of your day and wondering where did your day go?  That so many hours have passed but you don’t feel that you have actually achieved anything worthwhile? Then that means you have not used your day in a way that has been productive for you. Here I want to share with you 5 ways that you can experience yourself being more productive.   Don’t waste your most productive hours. If you notice yourself during the day, you will find that there is a block of 2 […]

3 self sabotaging excuses that stop you from taking action and lose opportunities

  Many times, business people get busy with so many of things, and there are so many things, that have to do with keeping a business alive that they often lose track of the important small things that are so vital to keeping the dream alive. Some popular excuses are “I can’t afford it”, “I don’t have time” and “I have responsibilities at home” and these are all true to some extent but let’s look at how you can view these differently.  I can’t afford it – As with most things, if you don’t spend money it is very difficult […]

How our beliefs can block our progress & success

Our belief system is a set of concepts or ideas that we carry as our truth and govern our thoughts, words and actions.  These beliefs begun to formulate from the moment we were born and have been influenced by our parents, teachers, the society and our own observations and experiences whilst growing up. The beliefs hold, in many ways define us and determine how we express ourselves, how we relate to the world and how we respond to it. Some of these beliefs are part of our conscious awareness and some are not.  However, even those which are not in […]