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Why video marketing is important for your business

It used to be the radio – the big thing in advertising.  All households had their radios playing for hours every day and big companies took advantage of that to promote their products. Then came the TV and the image became a more powerful vehicle to capture the attention and interest of the viewer.  However television has been and still is quite expensive that only big corporations can afford.  So what can small business owners do to broaden their reach, strengthen their brand and attract more clients? Welcome to the era of internet!  We have now reached to the point […]

Three Keys to Selling with Confidence

Either we like it or not, sales is a vital part of any business that wants to succeed.  Actually without sales there is no business. Sales is a field with many ups and downs. Some days may feel overwhelming and unproductive. Other days may feel like you’re the best sales person on the planet. How you get through the bad days and celebrate the good days depends on your motivation and confidence. Here are three keys to selling with confidence. #1 Be enthusiastic It’s really important to be enthusiastic and excited about: * Your business – You have a unique […]

Tips for your social media marketing

  Lets face it! At this point of time if entrepreneurs do not have a strong online presence they are missing out on greater exposure of their business and on monetisation as well. The following infographic clearly and consizely provides tips on what to include in your social media marketing so you can increase your online visibility. You might not wish or have the time to be part of all the social media platforms but at least choose 3 of them.  Which ones widely depends on the type of your business but I would generally recommend Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. […]

5 Creative Skills to Boost Business Success

While having a strong business background is important, it’s not the only trait that makes for a successful entrepreneur. Professional photographer and online marketer Yatin Patel believes the one characteristic often overlooked in effective entrepreneurs and business leaders is creativity. In order to be a successful entrepreneur in today’s world, a person cannot achieve a high level of success without being creative- he says. While many aspiring entrepreneurs think their initial idea and inspiration requires the most important creative thinking, Patel said the initial idea is the easy part, and it’s the later implementation, and the competitive business marketing that […]

10 reasons why small businesses fail

No one wants to think of failure when they start a business but as per the statistics published by the Small Business Administration (SBA), seven out of ten new employer establishments survive at least two years and 51 percent survive at least five years. So knowing the aspects that make a business fail can help us prevent them for our own business or do something about them. So here 10 reasons why small businesses fail: Lack of clear objectives. It’s important to know why you are in business and if you are for the right reasons. Also the business owner needs to know […]