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Understanding how fear works

UNDERSTANDING HOW FEAR WORKS What is fear all about? When picking up this topic of “fear”, I realised that just saying or reading the actual word – fear – can trigger uncomfortable emotions within. It amazes me how much power and control this emotion holds within all living beings. I guess the reason is that fear has been associated as a precursor of harm – or rather potential harm – that we of course do not wish to experience. It is something that alarms us, puts up our defence mechanisms and activates the “fight or flight” response (with fear it’s […]

Instantly overcome fear with these 3 methods

3 methods to overcome fear In my last blog I talked about two different perceptions of the emotion of fear and I promised you that I will share with you some ways you can eliminate fear on the spot. These methods which are taken straight from my course “optimum health” might prove to be not only “first aid” tools for combating fear but may have permanent results. Method # 1: Deep purposeful breathing. Now before you quickly skip this one as something you “already know” or “too simple to take into consideration” I want to explain to you “why” this […]

Stats and tips for effective time management

Having trouble managing your time? Well you are not the only only one. It seems that the majority of us wish there were more hours in the day to do all the thngs that we would like to do and accomplish. However, is there really not enough time or is it that time is wasted in such a way that we feel that it’s not enough? Here I share with you an infographic with some interesting and eye – opening insights as to where time goes, where it is wasted and tips on how to manage your time better so […]