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“I don’t have the confidence to sell” – you say? See how to change this.

Do you feel you luck confidence when it comes to selling? In today’s blog I will share with you not only the reasons behind it but also what you can do to change this around. It’s a fact. When you are starting your own business you need to start selling something. Either it is a product or a service we need to be able to inspire others to buy from us and not from someone else. There are some individuals who happened to be born as natural salespeople. It comes easy to them even if they have had no formal training. […]

What increases happiness

I came across a very interesting infographic on happiness and wanted to share it with you. Here are the points that stood out for me: * Our happiness level depends upon the sum of our genetic predisposition, the conditions we ca change plus those we can not. * Just 30 minutes of daily exercise increases the levels of our happiness against stress. * 93% of people are happiest when they use their strengths for 10+ hours. * Happiness brings us more success, not vise versa. * The happiest careers are the ones which involve serving others. * Beyond a household […]

Eliminate negative emotions when a prospect says NO – EFT tapping sequence

In my last blog post I shared with you how we can use EFT (emotional freedom techniques) to neutralise the negative emotions as well as re-imprint new ones and in this way change our previous perceptions and beliefs about the outcome of the sales process. Let me show you how here with a quick round of EFT you can use when you are faced with the “truth” of the statement: “I feel upset when a prospect says no”. In my previous blog we talked about a scenario that is possibly repeating in your business life: You get upset when a prospect says no. We […]

When a client says no I get upset

You have finally made that appointment. You got the chance to tell your prospect client or customer all about the great benefits of your service or product. But… the conversation concludes and you have not made the sale. Now what? Does this upset you, make you feel frustrated, sad, disappointed? OR maybe you even begin to doubt yourself and your expertise. Hello this is Konstadina Sadoriniou from positivechangeacademy.com where we help you bring out the best in you and your business. In this video I want to share with you how to free yourself from all that and bring some […]

Positive Affirmations for Optimism

It’s important to maintain a high level of optimism and remain optimistic no matter what. This is why I have prepared for you a video with a set of 7 positive affirmations repeated 3 times with a background music. ENJOY! your positive affirmations for optimism!   I welcome your likes, shares and comments. stay empowered and motivated till next time Konstadina    

What wealthy people do that poor ones don’t – habits of the wealthy

I recently came a cross an infographic which describes the differences between the habits of the wealthy that the poor do not seem to have developed. Have a look: it’s enlightening!   What’s interesting to see is that the wealthy unlike the poor, exercise more, eat less junk food, watch less TV and sleep less. They love to read and they believe in the lifelong educational self development. They write down their goals, their to-do list and focus on accomplishing all that. The most interesting facts though are those in connection to the children’s upbring.  The differences between wealthy and […]

How EFT tapping works on limiting beliefs

When I work with my clients to assist them create and sustain successful lives and businesses, more than often we have to tackle issues on limiting beliefs that block progress, restrict confidence and deprive success. One of the methods I use to quickly deal with such restrictions and blocks once and for all, is a technique known as EFT tapping in short for Emotional Freedom Techniques. Today I want to tell you how this works and how it can be extremely beneficial towards your personal and professional development.   Hello this is Konstadina Sadoriniou from positivechangeacademy.com where we help you […]

About EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Emotional Freedom Technique Where astonishing emotional relief leads to profound physical healings. WHAT IS EFT? EFT is a complementary therapy that has its origins in ancient Chinese medicine and incorporates aspects of many of the “talk therapies”. It works on the body’s energy systems, and was developed by an American called Gary Craig following the discovery that imbalances in your energy systems can have profound effects on personal psychology. WHERE CAN IT BE USED EFT can be used to address emotional, physical or spiritual issues. The number of sessions required will depend on the complexity of the issue and it […]

How do you self sabotage

You must have heard the expression: “self sabotage”. If you are not clear as to what it means let me tell you in essence. Self sabotage is what we do to ourselves or our path to stop us from changing even if this change means progressing, being who we truly are, fully experiencing and expressing our inner power, achieving our goals, our dreams, our desires. So how do we self sabotage and what can we do about it? These answers and more on this video of our Motivational Monday.     You must have heard the expression: “self sabotage”. If […]

5 top sales objections

If you are a business owner there is no way that you have not had to have sales conversations with a potential client.  That’s how we make sales.  However the process is not commonly straight forward due to often having to face the client’s uncertainty.  Today I’m going to share with you the top 5 sales objections.       Why many business owners feel uncomfortable with the sales process is because it’s usually not straight forward. One of the reasons they dread the sales conversation is that they feel they will hit the brick wall of objections. This is […]