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How to deal with fear of creating videos

In today’s blog post I’m sharing with you the recording of a live Blab I did with Chris M. Sprague  Founder / CEO of Video Content Agency and Executive Director and Producer of VCN TV on the topic of having fear in creating video, being on video which is closely related to fear of public speaking. Besides talking about the mindset issues involved in committing to create videos we also talk with personal examples about what we are really losing from not making videos, what makes a good video, how a video can go viral, video content, video creation, video […]

The quality of leadership and why you need it

Often when we think about leadership, with think of an individual who is the head of a group, organisation or company. He or she is the person who is the decision maker and commands others. So maybe you are wondering what leadership has to do with you, a small business owner, a solo-preneur and why it is an important quality you need to have. This is what I’m going to talk to you today. I think it is important to first clarify what true leadership is before we can understand why it is an important quality for everyone to have […]

Why you need to set goals & how to do it

You hear about setting goals all the time and perhaps you are wondering why do you really need them – perhaps you already know what you want or maybe not. However, how do you set these goals in a way that you can be sure they will be achieved? This is what I’ll share with you today.   In every aspect of life one needs to know where he’s heading. Otherwise, time is passing by and we are moving through life aimlessly like a ship without the captain being on the steering wheel, left in the mercy of the waves […]

The right to be RICH – The Science of Getting Rich

Is it part of your desire to become rich? If the answer is “yes” then what are the reasons that have provoked this desire and if you are not rich why do you think this is so, if this is something you desire? If the answer is “no”, then why not? What are the reasons that make you not wanting to be rich. There are so many variables in this equation but in this series I have started we discuss the principles of the famous book of Wallace D. Wattles “The Science of Getting Rich”. As per his conviction this […]

How to find your passion

In this live broadcast through #Periscope I share with you the 2 step process you can follow to find your passion.   If you think that there are many things that you like but you have not found “YOUR thing” follow the process I share with you in this video on how to find your passion.  

3 things you need to do to attract what you want

You want things. You have desires, dreams, goals for your personal life and your business or career right? But how to make them happen? Yes, action is usually required, however, often few more steps are needed. Find out in this video what you need to do to attract what you want in life and business.   Here is the link to the video: http://youtu.be/eFSxCG_JkIk To SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/user/thepositi… To apply for a complimentary session with Konstadina click on the following link: http://www.positivechangeacademy.com/… To get my FREE GUIDE on “104 ways to re-claim your personal power” click on the following link: https://positivechangeacademy.com/104-… […]

Selling will make other people dislike me – how to eliminate limiting beliefs on selling

You are a business owner, or perhaps it is part of your job to sell. However, when it comes to selling you feel your stomach tied in a knot. You feel… uncomfortable to say the least because you believe that others won’t like you as much and would want to avoid you. In today’s video I will share with you why you are having these feelings and beliefs and what you can do stop having all these negative, unhealthy emotions when it comes to selling.     Hello this is Konstadina Sadoriniou from positivechangeacademy.com where we help you bring out […]

“I don’t have the confidence to sell” – you say? See how to change this.

Do you feel you luck confidence when it comes to selling? In today’s blog I will share with you not only the reasons behind it but also what you can do to change this around. It’s a fact. When you are starting your own business you need to start selling something. Either it is a product or a service we need to be able to inspire others to buy from us and not from someone else. There are some individuals who happened to be born as natural salespeople. It comes easy to them even if they have had no formal training. […]

What increases happiness

I came across a very interesting infographic on happiness and wanted to share it with you. Here are the points that stood out for me: * Our happiness level depends upon the sum of our genetic predisposition, the conditions we ca change plus those we can not. * Just 30 minutes of daily exercise increases the levels of our happiness against stress. * 93% of people are happiest when they use their strengths for 10+ hours. * Happiness brings us more success, not vise versa. * The happiest careers are the ones which involve serving others. * Beyond a household […]

Eliminate negative emotions when a prospect says NO – EFT tapping sequence

In my last blog post I shared with you how we can use EFT (emotional freedom techniques) to neutralise the negative emotions as well as re-imprint new ones and in this way change our previous perceptions and beliefs about the outcome of the sales process. Let me show you how here with a quick round of EFT you can use when you are faced with the “truth” of the statement: “I feel upset when a prospect says no”. In my previous blog we talked about a scenario that is possibly repeating in your business life: You get upset when a prospect says no. We […]