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Understanding how fear works

UNDERSTANDING HOW FEAR WORKS What is fear all about? When picking up this topic of “fear”, I realised that just saying or reading the actual word – fear – can trigger uncomfortable emotions within. It amazes me how much power and control this emotion holds within all living beings. I guess the reason is that fear has been associated as a precursor of harm – or rather potential harm – that we of course do not wish to experience. It is something that alarms us, puts up our defence mechanisms and activates the “fight or flight” response (with fear it’s […]

Instantly overcome fear with these 3 methods

3 methods to overcome fear In my last blog I talked about two different perceptions of the emotion of fear and I promised you that I will share with you some ways you can eliminate fear on the spot. These methods which are taken straight from my course “optimum health” might prove to be not only “first aid” tools for combating fear but may have permanent results. Method # 1: Deep purposeful breathing. Now before you quickly skip this one as something you “already know” or “too simple to take into consideration” I want to explain to you “why” this […]

What do you want to be remembered for?

What do you want to be remembered for? Have you ever thought of this question? It’s not only about being remembered about something after you have passed away.  It’s not just about leaving a legacy – although this can be part of it. It’s also about being memorable, here and now, in your interactions with others, either it is about your day to day life or your personal work and business. In today’s video I share with you why it is important to be remembered and it is a good thing to contemplate about it and find an answer for […]

How to help others when they are in pain

  We often see ourselves being surrounded by a lot of pain and suffering either it is in our close environment, our clients or in the world in general.  How to help others when they are in pain? The most common human tendency is to let ourselves being pulled towards similar emotions of sadness and negative thoughts. By matching the way we feeling to their emotions we tend to believe that this is the way we show understanding, caring and compassion. However, is this the right way? That’s what I’m discussing in this video as well as what we actually […]

Financial dependency: what’s costing you

Is someone else taking care of you financially? Are you dependent on someone else’s money for your livelihood? Do you deep down don’t want to bother about money and just focus on doing what you love? This has its privileges of course and that’s why we often choose it but, with want consequences? Watch today’s video to find out what financial dependency is costing you and why it’s important to break through this comfort zone.   What’s your thought on this topic? Do you have such experiences?  How do you deal with them? Let me know in the comments area […]

3 characteristics successful entrepreneurs share

What makes an entrepreneur successful? Well, there are many things but today I want to share with you 3 characteristic that successful entrepreneurs share. Hello this is Konstadina Sadoriniou from positivechangeacademy.com and host of the Positive Change TV, where we help you bring out the best in you and your business so you can make more money doing what you love and make a difference in the world. If you would like to be notified on my upcoming videos on business and mindset tips make sure you subscribe. The first characteristic successful entrepreneurs share is that they believe in themselves […]

What’s blocking your big dreams

I know you have dreams. You definitely have desires. Wanting things in this human experience is an innate characteristic. Desires are endless and are born continuously.  However, there are some things that we want a lot more than others. So, check how bad do you want something. Choose something specific. Lets choose something that has to do with your business or career. If (1) is “very little” and (10) is “very much”, how much do you want this specific thing? If you have given it more than 7 then you are on a good track – a good starting point. […]

Why and when you need to reboot – new beginning

You know about computers right? When that moment comes and your screen has totally frozen or stated acting funny… nothing seems to work… no button you press changes anything… all you have to do is to reboot. Is it maybe time to reboot your life too? Today I talk about why and when you need to reboot. Dreadful isn’t it? The moment you realise that everything has got stuck; that you got stuck. Moments of dispair, confusion, anxiety or depression. You either freeze to nothingness or run out in a frenzy. Both definitely leads you to no-where, and the passiong […]

3 REAL reasons why people don’t buy from you

People can bring up many excuses in a sales conversation for not committing to your product or service.   However, there are really 3 reasons why people don’t buy from us and I share them with you today.   Have you identified any of these reasons in your business?  Which one do you think it applies the most and how are you going to change this around? Let me know in the comments area below. And if you think this will benefit someone do share it with them. To your success    

from door to door saleswoman to billionaire

What do you do when you have failed to get your law licence, have not done any business studies – but you are good in sales – with only $5000 in your savings and a dream to create a product that will make women feel much better about themselves and their body? In today’s video I share with you a success story of how this lady went from being a door to door saleswoman to becoming a billionaire with no help from external investors. If you have a dream and are craving to succeed watch this video for some inspiration […]