The Anatomy of Manifestation

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 Do any of these apply to you?
  • Do you sometimes feel powerless when it comes to creating your life as per your wish and desire?
  • Do you wonder what's stopping you from manifesting your dreams?
  • Do you feel frustrated when you see others getting what they want but not you?
  • Do you wish you knew how to do it too
 If your answer is "YES" to any of the above then this course is definitely for YOU !
Master the 5-Step Process To
Manifest Your Desires with EASE

In this practical and hands on workshop you will receive information and gain experiences which you can easily re-create and apply to your daily life, to achieve greater health, greater wealth and greater happiness; a life of abundance in all things. These are tools that will help you become a master creator, master of manifestation, master of abundance.

Konstadina has been on a quest for many years to discover what’s stopping people from finding everlasting abundance and / or attracting it in their life. 

She wanted to find out, what made some of her wishes manifest instantly, others took time and others did not.

So she took those moments of manifesting her desires and dissected the process to now know the ANATOMY OF MANIFESTATION.

In addition, Konstadina has discovered many methods from the world of personal and spiritual growth and brought them together to generate the Formula of Abundance - a series of techniques that expedite the process of manifestation.


"Receiving training from Konstadina, we found that it greatly increased our paths to truth and our energy work. Our understanding was clearer and awareness and intuition was magnified greatly. We found it an enjoyable, comfortable and pleasant being able to sit in the comfort of our own home, taking away nervous tendencies and thus making the whole experience thoroughly enjoyable. With gratitude, kind regards and many thanks to you Konstadina… Love and light" 

Suzi and Mike Smith,
United Kindgdom

"Konstadina for me is incredibly professional, whose efficient and adequate work in less than an hour was able to analyse the problem, to look into it, to define and transform it, through its extensive accomplishment. And not only that, but give me a starting point and the perspective, from which to build and enrich my personality! Konstadina, THANK YOU for what you share with love, dedication and creativity; for your experience, talent and wisdom!" 

Milena Lekova
Workshop Facilitator,
Sofia, Bulgaria

 In this online workshop you will learn:
  • The 5 individual components of manifestation and how to use them.
  • The role of the subconscious mind in the process of co-creation.
  • The reasons we are not experiencing the manifestation of our dreams – the obstacles – and what's blocking our way.
  • An easy but powerful technique that can eliminate these obstacles so we can achievement our goals and a life of our dreams.
  • The 7 Laws of Attraction.
  • What is the Law of Attraction and how we can master it.
  • Practices we can adopt to increase our attraction power.
  • The “8 steps formula to increase abundance in 30 days” system.
  • Practical tools and exercises that can be used daily so our desires, our dreams and goals can be realized more easily and more quickly.
  • ... and much more!
 After this online practical course you will:
  • Know the exact procedure you need to activate the Law of Attraction to make your wishes a reality.
  • Know a number of practical methods for enhancing this process.
  • Know what's blocking your ability to manifest and how to overcome them.
  • An easy but highly effective technique that clears these blocks instantly.
  • Experience great relief and freedom as blocks that have been stopping your manifestation power will be cleared.
  • Feel empowered, motivated and optimistic for the brilliant future you CAN create.

"On review of the process and journey I have been on since starting this work with you, I am aware of the positivity that I seem to have harnessed.  I know that all of my needs are looked after and I am worthy and accept wealth and opportunity… In fact, there seems to be so much opportunity bubbling up for me right now that I have booked the morning off for myself tomorrow just to plan and strategize." 

Moira Hutchison CTACC  DHP Acc.Hyp.

Wellness Practitioner, 

Ottawa, Canada​


This is a six week training, meeting LIVE every Saturday for approximately an hour at a time.

 If you can't make the live events the sessions will be recorded and available for viewing on demand for a week.



 You will also receive the following gifts from Konstadina:
  • The manual of the “8 steps to increase abundance in 30 days” system.
  • Access to my online course "Positive Thinking: Reprogram Your Mind to Positivity" which includes 12 weeks of positive affirmations.
  • My empowering guided meditation "Claiming my Personal Power".
  • The "Prosperity Symbol" image.


These bonuses worth  

more than £127.00

"Konstadina’s  sessions provided a welcomed releasing space, which specifically helped me go into a clearer direction in terms of focusing on my dreams going forward." 

Reena Gagneja BA (Hons), H-hp Dip, CMA
Certified Spiritual Life Coach
United Kingdon

"We decided to work on the subject of ‘feeling comfortable in personal relationships and being able to experience closeness’.During the sessions I felt relaxed and quiet inside (which is something I haven’t felt very often).   During the following few days, I felt a kind of softness towards others that wasn’t there before. It was like I had this big balloon of warmth in front of me. This really felt good and contacts benefited from this. Business contacts were even better, and in the few private contacts I had there were some heart-to-heart connections, which I really enjoyed. Yes, there is still room for improvement, so I need to think about the affirmation more. My affirmation is: I now feel comfortable in my relationships and I am being able to connect." 

Brigitte van Lent
Coach, Neerpelt, Belgium


Don’t miss out on this experience.  It can change your life forever.

We trust that you will leave this workshop feeling a different / renewed person, with your spiritual treasure box full!

"Konstadina has the ability to pass information with ease and clarity and in a way that it can be absorbed by the listener. Her seminars are practical and the methods / techniques shared are applicable and worth practicing." 

Lefteris Kousournas,

"I felt a sense of relief from old negativity when she was through. This session was so amazing, and so uplifting. 

In the days following the session, I have noticed that I AM valuing myself more. Definitely I feel an increase in how I treat, value and respect myself. I have a free-er sense about me now. I have a deeper sense that all will workout and I have been more peaceful and assured that I am valuable. I feel that a major shift did occur. I feel more stable and secure within myself. I feel more sure of my value. 

I know this work was and is so vital to me. Thank you Konstadina! I am most grateful to you for your work.

Blessings to you

Angela Travers
San Diego, California,

United States


Your investment for this online course


(approx. US$149.00)

Here is again what's included:
  • Six (6) hourly LIVE sessions.
  • Access to the recordings of these sessions
  • Worksheets & exercises.
  • The manual of the “8 steps to increase abundance in 30 days” system.
  • Access to my online course "Positive Thinking: Reprogram Your Mind to Positivity" which includes 12 weeks of positive affirmations.
  • My empowering guided meditation "Claiming my Personal Power".
  • The "Prosperity Symbol" image.
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