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  • In this CHANNELED Reading I will connect with your Akashic Records as well as with your Higher Self, High Dimensional Galactic Light Beings, the Archangels and Ascended Masters to bring forth your personalised, individualised and unique to you Abundance Codes, as an imprint to the image of the inner side of your left hand.
Dw abundance hand codes copyright Konstadina Sadoriniou

In this intuitive reading I will bring forth sacred codes and light language instructions with the specific intent to bring you abundance in major areas of life.

There will be light language instructions for each finger with the following representations:


Pinky finger: health abundance codes - Arcturian Codes - Archangel Raphael 

Ring finger: relationship abundance codes - Venus Codes - Archangel Chamuel 

Middle finger: career / business abundance codes -  Sirian Codes - Archangel Michael 

Index finger: personal abundance / prosperity codes -  Andromedan Codes - Archangel Jophiel 

Thumb finger: spiritual abundance / growth - Pleiadian Codes - Archangel Gabriel 


In the palm there will be a manifestation mandala code of abundance on all areas of life with the guidance of Archangel Metatron, Alchemist Merlin, Ascended Master St Germain and Lord Melchisedek 


For this reading I will require the opening of your Akashic Records as well as a close up of the open palm of your left hand - which is the receiving hand.


These codes are unique to you, your energy / frequency based on your unique circumstances and soul journey and they will come to you to work with to achieve the intended abundance you desire and the things you would like to manifest as part of your journey towards abundance.


These codes will be imprinted on the inner side of your left hand and you can work with them daily to achieve daily activation and reinforcement of the positive intents you bring in with these codes.

"Wow!!! So Powerful!! With this l feel my whole body glow, vibrate, come alive! Amazing, perfect timing too, lol, as usual, got smoked and felt terrible, l look into these codes and mandala and l feel not only wonderful but like the universe is literally in palm! I feel like l can feel the connection to my Angels and Masters and the colors of the rays and at the same time, l also feel this is a gateway l can work with.
Wow Dina, l can see why you are excited! l think you have found the perfect format for individual healing and life blueprint, which resets the body to exactly the optimal frequency, l can feel my face buzzing with the energy. Amazing, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Debra Webb, Australia

"Oh my gosh I have received this fully my heart is overwhelmed with emotions and my stomach warmed up with a beautiful soft heat and I went into a instant instinct to draw the energies down each finger while listening to you, my hand was vibrating,
wow I can not believe how much this represents me, every colour you used they are my colours and the mandala in the centre this is truly beautiful and also represents me so much, I can’t believe how much I am crying right now just thank you looking forward to continuing to connect daily with my abundance codes.
I love you my beautiful friend

Kathleen Pearce, Australia

"You were spot on about me gazing at the sky’s day or night since a was a child. Symbols yes! I have also seen the matrix u r correct and beyond. I’m aware I see passed the 3d or 4d we are in now. I was unaware of getting codes from the planets/stars and sky. Makes total sense! I will watch closer for them. Ty, very helpful for what I’m doing! Please let me know about what u recommend for a full Akashic reading? I do have a reason, not just for curiosity. Need info for moving forward in my path this lifetime . Many blessings to u! Ty again for your gifts!

Dorie Pearson, USA

"Hi Dina , thank you so much for the lovely reading. I shall treasure it. It's a lovely confirmation and clarification and I love the code activation . It's beautiful.

Much LOVE to you

Kimberley Edwards

"I was at a turning point in my life and felt like I needed a little guidance so I turned to Konstadina for an akashic records reading. I wanted to see where I stand and what my options are. Dina helped me figure out what in my past was affecting me now and how to move forward. She told me which direction I may consider that will benefit me and offered her guidance and services to help me move towards my life goal. I am so grateful and happy I decided to reach out to Dina for a reading which gave me such clarity and direction. Thank you so much Dina! I am forever grateful.

Linsday Yamamoto, Hawaii, USA

"Thank you so much, Dina, it was amazing! When I awakened last year, I started channeling all this “tribal” kind of dance, and I had no idea what it was. I’ve been guided lately to start practicing it again, so your reading was a 100% perfect perfect confirmation for me! My whole life, I always felt like it was my “job” to uplift others, but I had no idea I could do it in this way! What an awesome blessing. And really a very fun revelation for me! Thank you so much for your insight and gift. Much love!!

Maggie Estes,


Kellie Morris - Mackay, Australia

"I have just received my "what kind of code keeper am I" reading from the amazing Dina. This has given me such an incredible insight to my work and how I can move forward. I highly recommended this service, with so much gratitude. 

Rosa-Maria Marquez

"Thank you so much for your code keeper Reading ❤️

It really resonates with me all of it. The part about me keeper of protection codes is very interesting as a lot of my codes have circular symbols in Them as you mentioned, and I have been making codes with my hands on and off, one time I did it when My son was sleeping and we were in the hospital after he were born and my highest self told me to make draw a symbol with my hands while I was meditating and all of a sudden my consciousness got teleported to a hospital somewhere Else in the Universe with all kinds of beings and crystals.

My wife during a regression was back on Sirius and she Saw me there manifesting all kinds of codes in the air, circling around out from my hands.

I am really grateful for your Reading and codes have already revealed themselves after your Reading for protection for places or people. I am so looking forward to diving very deep with this and standing in the truth of my eternal being.

Thank you very much dear Star sister, you do a great service for mankind and you are more than welcome to use my feedback here as you wish

Love and light,

Anders Ehlers Birk-Trojahn
"Wow I love my reading!!!! When I looked at the activation photo, I immediately felt my “old self” being pulled a new version of me was revealed. I love how you mentioned that I am a decoder...and that I can see beyond the 3D existence. I know this will help me elevate my sessions with others. Your work is very powerful, thank you!!! 
Michelle Hill
"Dina’s Reading for what type of Code keeper I am was incredible, it seemed to click something within me where I was able to embrace and embody who I was and the part I play with bringing in Codes. It shifted something within me that I am grateful for, she found the words I had been struggling with to describe what I do. Thankyou so much Dina " 
Lee Didco
About Konstadina Sadoriniou
Konstadina is a renown Intuitive Positive Change Coach, Personal & Spiritual Growth Trainer, Matrix & Akashic Records Consultant, Intuitive Healer, Complementary Therapist, Meditation Teacher, Visionary Artist, Author and Ordained Minister (non-denominational).
Konstadina as the founder of the Positive Change Academy, based in London, United Kingdom, was born in Rhodes, Greece, studied Business Administration with a Marketing and Management Specialization at Piraeus University, and now lives in England, but has been working internationally for over 30 years as a Trainer and Intuitive coach & therapist.
After a career in the corporate world she studied a great number of self development & spiritual growth course and various alternative therapies in Energy Healing, Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology.She has published books, articles, videos and CDs in English and Greek.Konstadina works with the intention and mission to use her knowledge and her long experience so that others experience improvement in their circumstances, personal empowerment, inner balance and happiness, improving their physical and mental health and greater well-being. It does this by teaching practical and easy-to-use techniques with humor and originality.
She has been working with the Akashic Records as a Practitioner & Teacher since 2005.
This is what you will receive

⇒ You will receive a digital image of the Abundance Hand Codes Imprint


⇒  An audio Light Language Activation of the new Coded Imprint (worth £14.44)

⇒  The digital image of the Money Code to attract more financial abundance in your life (worth £19.99)

The digital image of the Prosperity Symbol / Sacred Code (worth £19.99)

The digital image of the Angel of Prosperity (worth £14.44) 


Your investment for this specialised and unique service




(approx. US$55)


Please understand that any artwork created and sold through the and affiliate sites, even personalised artwork, is internationally copyrighted to the artist, Konstadina Sadoriniou. Although the personalised artwork will not be reused or resold elsewhere, as a copyright owner Konstadina Sadoriniou has the right to display the work publically - online or offline - WITHOUT the use of personal details of the client of course. If you do not wish this for your personalised work please inform Konstadina in writing.