5 ways to become more productive

5 ways to become more productive

 Do you some times come at the end of your day and wondering where did your day go?  That so many hours have passed but you don’t feel that you have actually achieved anything worthwhile?

Then that means you have not used your day in a way that has been productive for you.

Here I want to share with you 5 ways that you can experience yourself being more productive.


  1. Don’t waste your most productive hours.

If you notice yourself during the day, you will find that there is a block of 2 to 4 hours when you physically and mentally are at your best, you are most alert and full of energy.

When you identify this then, make sure that you use this time period to do your most important tasks and of highest priority.

Being totally focused on these tasks during these hours you will be able to accomplish the most work at the minimum time.


  1. Eliminate time wasters

There are some activities that take a lot of our time and do not necessarily add much to our business growth.

Postponing these activities after your working hours or block a time period during the day when you can do them all together will help you save time and energy.

Here are some time wasters you should avoid:

  • Prolonged engagement with others via phone, email or social media – especially if it’s not work related.
  • Disorganisation – when you don’t know “where is what” and the “when” of things.
  • Running errands


  1. Planning and prioritising

By knowing what needs to be done and by when it needs to be done, you can plan your day, week, month, year ahead and choose to do tasks based on their importance and their time restrictions.

By giving a structure to your work you are able to accomplish more.


  1. Avoid multitasking.

Our brains have not been designed to do many tasks at the same time.  Trying to do this – in an effort to accomplish more – actually makes us achieve less.  Not only that, but multi-tasking forces our stress levels to go up depleting us from energy, stamina and clarity of mind.

So, focus at one task at a time and move to the next when the first one is complete or at least one phase of the first one is complete.


  1. Make time for sufficient sleep, healthy eating and fun.

Lack of sleep, junk / fast food and working 24/7 contribute to us accomplishing less, whilst we are driven towards experiencing lack of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and depriving us from reaching our full potential.

If you want to be more productive it is pivotal that you balance your work / personal life increasing the quality of life so you can enjoy more and achieve more in less time.


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Konstadina Sadoriniou Konstadina Sadoriniou is an internationally renown coach, mentor, trainer, speaker and author in the field of personal and professional development with an experience spanning more than 2 decades. She is the founder of the Positive Change Academy which aims to assist conscious entrepreneurs transform their business in a way that they can attract more clients, more success and more profits; learn ways to cope with the changes; reach their full potential and evolve by walking the path of continuous progress. To receive her empowering guide “104 ways to re-claim & hold your personal power” as well as her content rich e-zine, subscribe today at www.positivechangeacademy.com




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