3 tips on website colours & why it is important to get it right

Your want to have a new website or revamp your old one. But do you know what colours to choose and how to choose them?

In today’s video I want to share with you 3 things you need to consider when choosing your website colours  if you don’t want to mess up your site.



You website needs to be instantly attractive and the colours you choose play great importance in doing so.

Here is what you need to consider before you choose your main colours.

  1. Choose colours that you feel comfortable with, that resonate with you and your personality and you feel happy to represent.
  1. Every colour conveys a message. By understanding what your chosen colours represent will give you an idea of how these colours will affect your visitors and how it will make them feel.
  1. The colours you use in your logo and text need to compliment each other and also be limited to maximum 4 different ones. Otherwise the aesthetics of the website will be spoiled and browsing your website will not be such a pleasant experience for your visitors.
  2. Use a site like pictaculous.com to help you with that.

A talented and experienced web designer should be able to advice you on that but it’s always best if you yourself have some idea about the use of colours in a website and it will definitely help you if you are planning to create your website by yourself.  If you are looking for a talented, experienced and easy to work web designer, check out the following link: www.newaspectmedia.com 

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This is Dina Sadoriniou

Till next time stay motivated & empowered



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