3 characteristics successful entrepreneurs share

What makes an entrepreneur successful? Well, there are many things but today I want to share with you 3 characteristic that successful entrepreneurs share.

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The first characteristic successful entrepreneurs share is that they believe in themselves and what they do.

You need to believe in your ability to create the right circumstances which will generate success. Being confident in your abilities as an individual and the skills as well as the expertise you have acquired, is important. Why? Because this not only will give you the strength to take constructive positive action towards achieving your goals, it will create the right energy around you which will be dynamic enough to attract the right people and right resources that will help you succeed.

The second characteristic successful entrepreneurs is that they celebrate their wins.

A win can be anything which has been achieved or completed even if your consider it tiny bit or “not that big of a deal”.It’s something that you have rightfully gained so a pat on the back in a variety of ways you feel appropriate should always follow. Even if you just smile and say to yourself: “well done you! You did!”. It wasn’t there before and now it is and it brings you closer to your bigger goals. So celebrate it by treating yourself to something but definitely give yourself at least a praise.

The third characteristic successful entrepreneurs is that they accept failure gracefully

Most of us are susceptible to failure. Totally an undesirable result we want to avoid having it in our experience as much as we can. Why? Not only because we did not get the outcome we were expecting, we usually take it personally enough to project it as failure to our very individuality and existence. The fact is: most of the time it hurts. And we don’t want to be hurt. So often we avoid trying something or taking action because of fear of being hurt, experience pain, sorrow, embarrassment, humiliation, being judged, criticised or rejected.

Accepting failure gracefully is a difficult one, but can be done by changing our perspective about “failure” and what it actually means, as well as dealing with past traumatic experiences which taught us to avoid stepping up, stepping out, being bold, more adventures or risky and ready to be challenged. We need to be internally prepared to face any type of outcome without taking it too personally or too much in heart.

Even billionaire entrepreneurs have dreadfully failed in many of their attempts to succeed in an endeavour but, they consider it as part of the process, they learn from it, learn from their mistakes and then move on.

So if succeeding as an entrepreneur is one of your goals I would recommend you master these very important points.

Believe in yourself and what you do

Celebrate your wins

Accept failure gracefully

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