One of the two main pillars to your business success is MARKETING. Without marketing no business is able to last long let alone become successful.  If marketing is not your “thing” and you can not afford to employ a marketing expert in your business then you need to learn the basics yourself.

In this coaching / mentoring programme we are starting from ground level up toward achieving your goal of attracting your ideal clients and sustain a profitable business doing what you love.

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Evolve successfully“E.V.O.L.V.E. YOUR SUCCESS FORMULA” a system that aims to help women in business discover their uniqueness, remove all the obstacles that prevents them from being who they want to be and how they want to be, re-claim their personal power, unleash their potential and build a strong foundation towards creating and sustaining successful business by monetising their passion and taking advantage of their unique selling proposition.

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Successful business peopleThis programme will assist you gain a deeper understanding on all the aspects of stress and provide you will 14+ easy to implement practical techniques to assist you towards not only coping better with stress but also prevent it from your experience so you can live a stress free life at home and at work.

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Coping skills for teachersWe are very please to be able to offer a specialised training for school teacher’s wellbeing which we call “Coping Skills for Teachers”.  This hands on / practical series of short workshops include –

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