I know that as a business owners we have 1001 decisions to make about our business every day from small to big.

However, there are times when we seem to be unable to see things clearly or we are confused as to what we really need to do next.

There are perhaps high levels of anxiety and overwhelm entangled with our own fears or expectations and many times the logical mind is unable to get a clear answer as to what we need to do next or what we need to do in a certain situation.

When this happens the best thing is to tap into our own intuitive guidance, our inner wisdom and divine guidance from Spirit to illuminate our path and clear those clouds from our eyes so we can more confidently take our next step towards were we want to go.

However, many times we are so involved in a particular situation that finding those answers and this guidance on our own proves a bit difficult due to the attachment we might be holding on it.

When this happens we can seek the facilitation of an intuitive expert who is able to tap into that inner wisdom and divine guidance, who is not emotionally involved with the particular situation and able to offer a perspective by seeing the bigger picture as well as the deeper aspects of that which you are seeking clarity and guidance of.

This is why, I would like to offer you to have this experience with me as I can facilitate the information you seek to come through my intuitive skills.

I come from a family of highly intuitive, highly spiritual individuals and I have been able to communicate with Spirit since a child. I now bring my 25 years of experience in the fields of personal and spiritual development as well as my business expertise to help other heart-driven entrepreneurs bring out the best in them and their business doing what they love.

I would be honoured to assist you make your journey a bit easier by providing this service of intuitive, divine guidance, tapping into the information available to you through your Higher Self or Inner Wisdom and the Universal Mind or Source.


Besides your very individual, personal questions you seek answers to this session can provide you with answers to other important life questions such as:

1. Find your life purpose and life mission.

2. Find which past births are affecting your present.

3. Which lessons you have come here to learn.

4. What special gifts you carry in your soul.

5. What ancestral negative imprints you carry in your energy field.

6. What's blocking your progress, prosperity & abundance.

7. What's blocking your professional success.

8. Guidance as to what you might like to do to achieve your dreams.

If this is something that speaks to you, inspires you and believe it would be of great help to your business and life in general, book your session with me now.

Click on the option below that suits you best and lets set you on your way for greater clarity, greater confidence, greater empowerment and so greater success and joy.

Julia B, California, USA
“I have had spiritual readings through the years and can honestly say that my reading with Konstadina was truly one of the most high-level spiritual interactions that I have EVER had. This woman is the real deal. The information that came through in my reading moved me to my very core. My Akashic records phone session was mind-blowing in its depth and wisdom. It explained so many issues for me that I have been wrestling with all of my life. The compassionate candor that came through was just what I needed to hear. Konstadina will tell it like it is, but do it in a way that is so supportive and articulate that I felt nothing but grateful when the session ended. What a privilege to be the recipient of her amazing spiritual gifts. I know it was not an accident for me to connect with her and I am looking forward to using the information that came through in my session as a springboard to a new chapter in my life.”
David Fritcher MO, USA
“I received an Akashic records reading from Konstadina. It was interesting, informative and validating to say the least. She is a beautiful spirit. I not only gained insight, more importantly, I have in my mind gained a friend. Thank you so much not only for the reading, but for your concern, selflessness and generosity when it comes to me, my spiritual evolution and path!!!”
Monique Muro, CA, USA
“I have never had an akashic reading before so I did not know what to expect. I have been to many psychics in the past and none were not actually quite good as this one. Although this reading is different from a psychic reading. My experience was very good and Konstadina gave me an accurate reading and answered all my questions to the best of her ability. She is an excellent advisor and offers the truth. I would highly recommend this type of reading for anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves and have life questions that need to be answered.”
Yvonne Hardford, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
“I received a reading and attunement to Akashic Records from Konstadina. A true blessing!!!!! The reading was very accurate and full of inspirational guidance. As a healing Master Teacher of several modalities I was blessed with this reading from such a wise, truly enlightened and compassionate lightworker. I offer my highest recommendation to anybody wishing to have a reading or receive the Akashic Attunement from Konstadina. Thank You.”
Debi Fegley, VA, USA
Carolina C., CA, USA
“Great! authentic, puts effort into making it best reading possible thank you!!”
Anne Graham-Smith, Norwich, UK
“Thank you so much for the wonderful reading. It has given me inspiration and insight in to what I must do. Your words were so beautiful! My heart is filled with love and joy.”

Access Intuitive / Divine Guidance for a Year

Experience 12 thirty minute sessions within a year of tapping into your inner wisdom and accessing diving guidance to answer all your business questions that the logical mind can not.


£997.00 (approx. $1497)

that's a saving of more than £200.00


Discover your true self & path session

Experience a 90 minute session to gain insight, knowledge, clarity and understanding important areas of your self and your life such as finding you life purpose and life mission; find which past births are affecting your present; which lessons you have come here to learn; what special gifts you carry in your soul; what ancestral negative imprints you carry in your energy field; what’s blocking your progress, prosperity & abundance; what’s blocking your professional success;  guidance as to what you might like to do to achieve your dreams.


£197.00 (approx. $297.00)



Access Intuitive / Divine Guidance Session

Experience a 30 minute session when you need a quick answer or guidance on a specific subject of your business to gain greater clarity and direction and help you with your decision making process.


£100.00 (approx. $147.00)


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